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Sun 1700
Market Rasen Cloudy 53.3875 -0.3316
Sheffield Cloudy 53.3809 -1.4686
Louth Cloudy 53.3657 -0.006
Retford Cloudy 53.3211 -0.9439
Sutton-on-Sea (Beach) Cloudy 53.314 0.2846
Worksop Overcast 53.309 -1.1212
Wragby Cloudy 53.286 -0.2985
Moggs Eye (Huttoft Beach) (Beach) Cloudy 53.2826 0.3111
Chesterfield Overcast 53.2348 -1.4201
Bolsover Overcast 53.2308 -1.2882
Spilsby Cloudy 53.1744 0.0931
Kirkby Green Cloudy 53.107 -0.3795
Welbourn Overcast 53.0751 -0.5572
Newark-on-Trent Overcast 53.0747 -0.8034
Wrangle Cloudy 53.0373 0.1199
Sleaford Cloudy 53.0 -0.408
Swineshead Cloudy 52.9458 -0.1614
Donington Cloudy 52.90524 -0.20432
Spalding Cloudy 52.7868 -0.1433
Melton Mowbray Overcast 52.7661 -0.8856
Stretton Overcast 52.7328 -0.5971
Stamford Cloudy 52.6509 -0.4786
Ketton Cloudy 52.6282 -0.555
Barrowden Cloudy 52.5914 -0.6021
Mawsley Cloudy 52.37421 -0.8114

Latest forecasts

Market Rasen Cloudy 10 °C
Sheffield Cloudy 11 °C
Louth Cloudy 10 °C
Retford Cloudy 11 °C
Sutton-on-Sea (Beach) Cloudy 11 °C
Worksop Overcast 11 °C
Wragby Cloudy 10 °C
Moggs Eye (Huttoft Beach) (Beach) Cloudy 10 °C
Chesterfield Overcast 11 °C
Bolsover Overcast 10 °C
Spilsby Cloudy 10 °C

Forecast summary

  • Regional
  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

Regional forecast for East Midlands

Mostly dry but rather cloudy overnight. Turning windy Monday morning.

This Evening and Tonight:

A breezy. mild and rather cloudy night, with hill fog likely. Whilst most places should stay dry, some light rain or drizzle is possible, especially across the Peak District. Minimum Temperature 8 °C.


Starting breezy, with a blustery spell through the morning, whilst thicker cloud will bring the risk of some rain or drizzle. Otherwise, largely dry with brighter spells developing later. Mild. Maximum Temperature 16 °C.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Dry Tuesday morning with wind and rain later, rather mild again. Colder and windier with sunshine and isolated showers Wednesday. Further wind and rain likely Thursday.

Updated at: 1315 on Sun 19 Feb 2017

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Very mild but also quite cloudy and breezy.

This Evening and Tonight:

Cloudy and damp across the west of the UK with hill fog, and some persistent rain and strong winds across the north later in the night. Turning cloudy elsewhere with a little light rain through the early hours. Mild.


Mild and windy, with some rain across western Britain and a good deal of cloud generally. Some sunshine downwind of high ground though, where temperatures will be highest.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Changeable with areas of cloud, rain and possibly hill snow moving across the UK, though Wednesday currently the brightest day. Increasingly windy, with severe gales possible on Wednesday and Thursday.

Updated at: 1512 on Sun 19 Feb 2017

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Friday 24 Feb 2017 to Sunday 5 Mar 2017:

Plenty of dry and sunny weather is expected on Friday, with one or two showers, but it will feel cold. Wind and rain is then likely to spread in from the west later and last through Saturday but it will be accompanied by milder air. Changeable and mild weather is likely to continue through the rest of that weekend and into the following week, with wet and windy conditions affecting the north and west of the UK the most. The south and east should see the best of any drier and brighter weather. However, there will generally be brighter, cooler, more showery days in-between weather systems. This changeable pattern is currently expected to continue as we head into March.

Updated at: 1217 on Sun 19 Feb 2017

UK Outlook for Monday 6 Mar 2017 to Monday 20 Mar 2017:

For March there is a fair amount of uncertainty, but the weather is most likely to be unsettled at first. There will be spells of wet and windy weather, interspersed with brighter and showery conditions with some snow possible across the north of the UK. There will, however, also be some drier and brighter spells, particularly in the south and east where we may see some local frost and fog at times overnight. Temperatures are expected to be a little above normal for the time of year but there remains a small chance of seeing a more prolonged cold spell, which is most probable later in the period.

Updated at: 1217 on Sun 19 Feb 2017

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