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Fri 1300
Louth Sunny day 53.3657 -0.006
Mablethorpe Sunny day 53.3406 0.2628
Retford Sunny day 53.3211 -0.9439
Sutton-on-Sea (Beach) Sunny day 53.314 0.2846
Bolsover Sunny day 53.2308 -1.2882
Lincoln Sunny day 53.2304 -0.539
Woodhall Spa Sunny day 53.1513 -0.2165
Mansfield Sunny day 53.1469 -1.1971
Skegness Sunny day 53.1461 0.3396
Kirkby Green Sunny day 53.107 -0.3795
New Bolingbroke Sunny day 53.1032 -0.044
Welbourn Sunny day 53.0751 -0.5572
Sibsey Sunny day 53.0366 0.0156
Hucknall Sunny day 53.0339 -1.2014
Boston Sunny day 52.9786 -0.0249
Nottingham Sunny day 52.9545 -1.1565
Bottesford Sunny day 52.95 -0.84
Swineshead Sunny day 52.9458 -0.1614
Donington Sunny day 52.90524 -0.20432
Holbeach Sunny day 52.8037 0.0151
Spalding Sunny day 52.7868 -0.1433
Stretton Sunny day 52.7328 -0.5971
Empingham Sunny day 52.6683 -0.5952
Market Harborough Sunny day 52.4754 -0.92
Mawsley Sunny day 52.37421 -0.8114

Latest forecasts

Louth Sunny day 21 °C
Mablethorpe Sunny day 18 °C
Retford Sunny day 24 °C
Sutton-on-Sea (Beach) Sunny day 17 °C
Bolsover Sunny day 22 °C
Lincoln Sunny day 24 °C
Woodhall Spa Sunny day 23 °C
Mansfield Sunny day 24 °C
Skegness Sunny day 18 °C
Kirkby Green Sunny day 24 °C
New Bolingbroke Sunny day 23 °C

Forecast summary

  • Regional
  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

Regional forecast for East Midlands

Very warm sunshine. Cooler near the coast.


Dry, sunny and very warm again inland. More breeze than Thursday and feeling cooler along the coast where the breeze is onshore. During the afternoon some cloud may develop but all parts will stay dry. Maximum Temperature 27 °C.


Dry, warm and muggy with long clear periods. An onshore breeze near the coast may introduce some mist and low cloud at times later in the night. Minimum Temperature 13 °C.


Warm and humid. Turning cloudy during the morning with locally thundery showers developing. During the afternoon the showers will move away northwards with brighter fresher conditions arriving. Maximum Temperature 25 °C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Sunday will be mostly dry, cooler and fresher than of late. More cloud on Monday with further heavy or thundery showers likely. Warm sunshine again on Tuesday.

Updated at: 0305 on Fri 26 May 2017

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Another hot sunny day today. Thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow.


Friday will be dry, sunny and hot again almost everywhere. A warm breeze will develop, particularly in the south and west. Western parts of Northern Ireland will cloud over in the afternoon bringing the chance of showers there later.


After a warm sunny evening, most places will have another mild and rather muggy night. Heavy and thundery showers will move across south-west England, south Wales and Northern Ireland.


Saturday will be hot again in the east but those heavy, thundery showers will move further north-eastwards, leaving fresher but still sunny and warm weather in the south and west.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Sunday will be fresher, though mostly dry and sunny. Heavy overnight showers in the south will continue into Monday. Tuesday will probably be mainly dry, except in the far northwest.

Updated at: 0433 on Fri 26 May 2017

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Wednesday 31 May 2017 to Friday 9 Jun 2017:

Mainly dry with some sunny spells in the south and east on Wednesday. Becoming more unsettled in the north and west into Thursday with bands of cloud and rain pushing in from the west, weakening as they move eastwards. The south and southeast still at risk of further humid conditions and thundery outbreaks. Temperatures remaining rather warm. Turning more generally changeable from the end of the week and through the remainder of the period. The northwest tending to see spells of rain or showers with some drier, brighter interludes. Generally drier and brighter further southeast, but some rain at times here too. Windy at times, especially in the northwest. Temperatures generally near normal in the northwest and warm at times in the south and east.

Updated at: 1209 on Fri 26 May 2017

UK Outlook for Saturday 10 Jun 2017 to Saturday 24 Jun 2017:

Confidence is currently low through this period, though we are more likely to see changeable conditions continue through the early part of June. More settled weather may begin to dominate for a time towards the middle of the month, mainly in the south, bringing some drier and brighter weather. Temperatures are likely to be close to normal at first, but may become generally warm, perhaps locally very warm for a time during mid June. By the latter part of the month, there is a possibility of more unsettled conditions developing once more, with spells of rain at times, and temperatures returning closer to average.

Updated at: 1209 on Fri 26 May 2017

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