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Fri 1100
Lossiemouth Cloudy 57.7218 -3.2788
Fraserburgh Cloudy 57.6935 -2.006
Elgin Cloudy 57.6496 -3.317
Crimonmogate Cloudy 57.619 -1.9345
Forres Cloudy 57.61 -3.6185
New Pitsligo Cloudy 57.5921 -2.1977
Strichen Cloudy 57.5899 -2.0945
Nairn Cloudy 57.5866 -3.867
Longside Cloudy 57.5162 -1.9389
Grainhow Cloudy 57.5124 -2.2387
Peterhead Cloudy 57.5083 -1.7824
Craigellachie Cloudy 57.4906 -3.1847
Hatton Cloudy 57.42441 -1.91453
Port Erroll Cloudy 57.41381 -1.84446
Rothienorman Cloudy 57.4133 -2.4642
Ben Rinnes Cloudy 57.4035 -3.2407
Ellon Cloudy 57.3647 -2.0714
Inverurie Cloudy 57.2836 -2.3724
Alford (Aberdeenshire) Cloudy 57.2335 -2.7032
Westhill Cloudy 57.1557 -2.2755
Aberdeen Cloudy 57.1498 -2.0927
Peterculter Cloudy 57.0987 -2.2637
Braemar Sunny intervals 57.0065 -3.3966
Stonehaven Sunny day 56.9638 -2.2077
Glendoll Lodge Cloudy 56.8694 -3.1816

Latest forecasts

Lossiemouth Cloudy 8 °C
Fraserburgh Cloudy 7 °C
Elgin Cloudy 8 °C
Crimonmogate Cloudy 7 °C
Forres Cloudy 8 °C
New Pitsligo Cloudy 6 °C
Strichen Cloudy 7 °C
Nairn Cloudy 8 °C
Longside Cloudy 7 °C
Grainhow Cloudy 6 °C
Peterhead Cloudy 8 °C

Forecast summary

  • Regional
  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

Regional forecast for Grampian

Mainly dry and bright with some sunshine today.


A dry and bright day of most parts with some hazy sunshine, the best of this over southern Aberdeenshire, with more in the way of cloud further north with perhaps the odd light shower around the middle of the day. Maximum Temperature 12 °C.


Some evening brightness then dry overnight with clear spells, leading to a frost in places and perhaps a few mist patches in the straths and glens. Minimum Temperature -1 °C.


Any mist patches soon clearing, then dry with lengthy spells of sunshine for most parts, although some clouds developing later towards the north coast. Maximum Temperature 15 °C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Dry and bright with some sunshine on Sunday, then rather cloudy with some drizzle over the hills on Monday. Brighter on Tuesday but with some light rain in the west.

Updated at: 0225 on Fri 24 Mar 2017

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Mostly dry and bright. Warmer by day, cold by night.


Southern England, south Wales and also northern Scotland will be cloudy, with a stiff breeze. Rain will affect some south-western areas at first. The rest of the country, and the south later, will be dry, sunny and warmer.


We'll get a clear and rather cold night with some frost and also patchy fog in central areas. The Northern Isles are the only place likely to see any rain.


Most of us will have a sunny and rather warm day tomorrow. There will be a cool north-easterly wind in the far south. Only northern Scotland will see significant cloud.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Sunday and Monday will stay mainly dry and bright, though with a bit more cloud than Saturday, especially in the east. On Tuesday, showers may affect the west and south.

Updated at: 0237 on Fri 24 Mar 2017

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Tuesday 28 Mar 2017 to Thursday 6 Apr 2017:

Many places will be mostly dry with sunny spells on Tuesday and Wednesday, once any early mist and fog patches clear. However, we may see the increasing chance of outbreaks of showery rain affecting south-western parts during Tuesday. Becoming more unsettled generally across the UK from Wednesday onwards. The most unsettled conditions are likely to be across north-western parts, where it will be wet and windy at times, with gales in places. Meanwhile, much of southern and eastern parts will hold onto the driest conditions, although even here some rain and windier conditions are likely. Temperatures will stay generally rather warm, and frosts becoming less likely. The start of April will see a good deal of settled and dry weather across the UK, with unsettled conditions likely in the northwest.

Updated at: 1208 on Thu 23 Mar 2017

UK Outlook for Friday 7 Apr 2017 to Friday 21 Apr 2017:

Much of this period will see a good deal of settled and dry weather across the UK. However, we are likely to see unsettled conditions with cloud, rain and strong winds affecting the far north and west of the UK at times, particularly at the start of the period. However, such unsettled spells of weather are likely to be short-lived. Temperatures are likely to be warmer than average, but with rather chilly nights at times, with frost and fog in places. Any colder spells are likely to be short-lived, although there slight indications these may be more prevalent later in the month.

Updated at: 1208 on Thu 23 Mar 2017

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