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Wed 2100
Sandy Clear night 52.1309 -0.2919
Welwyn Garden City Clear night 51.8027 -0.2071
Tring Clear night 51.7957 -0.6543
Hertford Clear night 51.7953 -0.0796
Epping Clear night 51.6999 0.1103
Abingdon Partly cloudy night 51.6704 -1.2865
Wallingford Clear night 51.5983 -1.1272
Uxbridge Clear night 51.5481 -0.4781
London Olympic Park North Clear night 51.542 -0.017
Henley on Thames Clear night 51.5353 -0.9014
Sheerness Clear night 51.4396 0.7658
Bracknell Partly cloudy night 51.4156 -0.7525
Whitstable Cloudy 51.3606 1.0259
Dorking Clear night 51.2322 -0.3295
Deal Heavy shower night 51.222 1.4034
Alton Partly cloudy night 51.1501 -0.9749
Cranbrook Partly cloudy night 51.0951 0.5393
Horsham Clear night 51.0624 -0.3243
Wadhurst Partly cloudy night 51.0613 0.3396
Crowborough Partly cloudy night 51.0604 0.1675
Lewes Clear night 50.8734 0.0104
Bognor Regis Light shower night 50.7825 -0.6716
East Wittering Clear night 50.7688 -0.87
Ryde Partly cloudy night 50.7294 -1.1618
Ventnor Clear night 50.595 -1.2046

Latest forecasts

Sandy Clear night 4 °C
Welwyn Garden City Clear night 4 °C
Tring Clear night 4 °C
Hertford Clear night 5 °C
Epping Clear night 4 °C
Abingdon Partly cloudy night 5 °C
Wallingford Clear night 4 °C
Uxbridge Clear night 5 °C
London Olympic Park North Clear night 6 °C
Henley on Thames Clear night 5 °C
Sheerness Clear night 6 °C

Forecast summary

  • Regional
  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

Regional forecast for London & South East England

Cold overnight. Rather cloudy with showery rain on Thursday.

This Evening and Tonight:

Scattered heavy showers gradually dying out through this evening. Cold overnight with mostly clear skies which will allow a widespread frost to form perhaps the odd fog or freezing fog patch in rural parts. Minimum Temperature -3 °C.


A bright but cold start. Cloud amounts will increase from the north during the course of the day with outbreaks of showery rain through the afternoon. Feeling milder. Maximum Temperature 12 °C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Friday and Saturday, largely dry with sunny spells and a chance of showers. Sunday, breezy and fine initially, outbreaks of rain likely later. Less cold with temperatures closer to average.

Updated at: 1421 on Wed 26 Apr 2017

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Frosty in the south tonight, with patchy rain elsewhere.

This Evening and Tonight:

Showers across the south will die out this evening, leaving a dry, clear but frosty night, with odd fog patch also forming. Further north will be less cold, as cloud and patchy rain gradually moves southeastwards during the night.


Sunny but cold start in the south, but cloud and patchy rain further north will move across all areas during the day. Northern areas though turning drier and brighter later.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Largely dry at first with some sunshine, feeling less cold. Through the weekend, winds will strengthen for all, with an increasing threat of rain or showers, especially towards the southwest.

Updated at: 1601 on Wed 26 Apr 2017

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Monday 1 May 2017 to Wednesday 10 May 2017:

Bank Holiday Monday currently looks likely to be rather unsettled in the south, with some showery outbreaks of rain moving across the UK. However there will be brighter spells in-between, and in the brightness it should feel fairly pleasant, most likely in the north. There may well also be some showers on Tuesday, and to a much lesser extent on Wednesday, but on the whole Wednesday is likely to be dry with some sunshine for many. Temperatures early next week are expected to be around average for early May. Then from Thursday onwards we are likely to see high pressure dominate, with largely dry and settled weather prevailing, with increasing amounts of sunshine. The settled weather is also likely to bring temperatures slightly above average, especially during the sunnier interludes.

Updated at: 1340 on Wed 26 Apr 2017

UK Outlook for Thursday 11 May 2017 to Thursday 25 May 2017:

Heading into the middle of May, and on balance the dry and settled weather is likely to continue to dominate. There may however be some occasional wetter interludes, with western areas more likely to see these. Temperatures are likely to remain above average, and possibly becoming very warm at times at first, before perhaps returning to nearer normal towards the end of the period.

Updated at: 1340 on Wed 26 Apr 2017

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