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Thu 2100
Welwyn Garden City Partly cloudy night 51.8027 -0.2071
Tring Cloudy 51.7957 -0.6543
Thame Cloudy 51.7466 -0.9727
Epping Partly cloudy night 51.6999 0.1103
Cheshunt Partly cloudy night 51.6994 -0.0269
Amersham Partly cloudy night 51.6751 -0.6057
Abingdon Partly cloudy night 51.6704 -1.2865
Watlington Cloudy 51.6446 -1.009
Wood Green Partly cloudy night 51.6001 -0.1082
Romford Clear night 51.5766 0.1799
Wembley Clear night 51.5501 -0.3033
Gravesend Partly cloudy night 51.4414 0.3724
Sheerness Clear night 51.4396 0.7658
Staines Clear night 51.431 -0.514
Bracknell Clear night 51.4156 -0.7525
Dorking Cloudy 51.2322 -0.3295
Deal Cloudy 51.222 1.4034
Alton Partly cloudy night 51.1501 -0.9749
Cranleigh Partly cloudy night 51.1416 -0.4818
East Grinstead Partly cloudy night 51.1282 -0.0129
Wadhurst Partly cloudy night 51.0613 0.3396
Pulborough Clear night 50.9568 -0.5091
Lewes Clear night 50.8734 0.0104
Littlehampton Partly cloudy night 50.8105 -0.5371
Bognor Regis Partly cloudy night 50.7825 -0.6716

Latest forecasts

Welwyn Garden City Partly cloudy night 10 °C
Tring Cloudy 10 °C
Thame Cloudy 10 °C
Epping Partly cloudy night 10 °C
Cheshunt Partly cloudy night 10 °C
Amersham Partly cloudy night 9 °C
Abingdon Partly cloudy night 9 °C
Watlington Cloudy 10 °C
Wood Green Partly cloudy night 11 °C
Romford Clear night 11 °C
Wembley Clear night 11 °C

Forecast summary

  • Regional
  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

Regional forecast for London & South East England

Isolated showers near the Kent coast. Clear spells inland.

This Evening and Tonight:

It will be mostly dry overnight for many areas with clear spells, although occasional showers will continue near the east coast. Further west rural mist and fog patches are likely to form later in the night. Minimum Temperature 7 °C.


Cloudy over Kent with further showers, heavy at times. Elsewhere, after a chilly start with mist and fog patches, a largely fine dry day is expected with sunny spells. Maximum Temperature 14 °C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Mist or fog patches early Saturday. Rather cool through Saturday and Sunday in an easterly breeze with sunny intervals and occasional showers. Cloudier on Monday with patchy rain at times.

Updated at: 1352 on Thu 20 Oct 2016

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Largely fine and dry, with some showers in the east.

This Evening and Tonight:

Most places will become dry, with clear spells, although there will be showers over coastal parts of eastern and southeastern England, also across parts of northeastern Scotland. A chilly night with patchy frost and fog in western and central parts.


Any fog patches clearing to leave a fine and mostly dry day with sunny spells. A few showers in the east and southeast, possibly heavy. Patchy rain in the northwest.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Largely dry at first with sunny spells but with showers across some eastern areas. Winds will strengthen on Sunday with rain reaching southern areas by Monday. Chilly in the wind.

Updated at: 1539 on Thu 20 Oct 2016

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Tuesday 25 Oct 2016 to Thursday 3 Nov 2016:

Much of the UK starting dry on Tuesday with variable amounts of cloud and sunny spells, with showers affecting some eastern and northeastern parts. Meanwhile, some rain and strong winds will probably spread in from the southwest during Tuesday, before further rain and strong winds spreading into the north during Wednesday. High pressure is likely to become established across the south towards the end of October, with lower pressure in the north. Temperatures will probably be near or slightly above the average, with frost becoming less likely. For the start of November, confidence is currently rather low on the exact weather set up and daily detail. However, it does look as if strong winds and the typical occasional stormy conditions that we usually see in autumn are less likely.

Updated at: 1351 on Thu 20 Oct 2016

UK Outlook for Friday 4 Nov 2016 to Friday 18 Nov 2016:

There is a lot of uncertainty with regard to this part of the forecast. At first at least it looks likely that the weather will remain quite blocked, meaning that it will be slow to change and probably a stay a bit drier than normal. With this we are also less likely to see strong winds and the typical occasional stormy conditions that we usually see during the autumn. Given the time of year, and the predominance of a blocked pattern, temperatures may be on the cold side of normal. Later in November we may start to see more unsettled, changeable and sometimes windy weather again, but mainly in the northwest.

Updated at: 1345 on Thu 20 Oct 2016

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