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Tue 0700
Holy Island Cloudy 55.67121 -1.80046
Middleton (Northumberland) Cloudy 55.6156 -1.8419
Powburn Cloudy 55.4397 -1.8999
Alnwick Cloudy 55.4127 -1.7047
Rochester (Northumberland) Overcast 55.2749 -2.2634
Ashington Cloudy 55.1829 -1.5644
Bellingham Cloudy 55.1457 -2.2526
Cramlington Cloudy 55.086 -1.5792
Haydon Bridge Cloudy 54.9757 -2.2482
Hexham Cloudy 54.9726 -2.1106
Haltwhistle Cloudy 54.9721 -2.4594
Sunderland Cloudy 54.9068 -1.3822
Alston Cloudy 54.8121 -2.4372
Durham Cloudy 54.7751 -1.5833
Peterlee Cloudy 54.7623 -1.3274
Round Hill Cloudy 54.7195 -2.3971
Hartlepool Cloudy 54.6916 -1.2113
Bishop Auckland Cloudy 54.6637 -1.6772
Appleby-in-Westmorland Cloudy 54.5782 -2.4882
Middlesbrough Cloudy 54.5741 -1.2334
Barnard Castle Fog 54.5451 -1.9222
Stokesley Cloudy 54.4718 -1.1837
Castleton (North Yorkshire) Cloudy 54.4629 -0.9382
Round Hill Mist 54.4062 -1.0843
Richmond (North Yorkshire) Cloudy 54.4033 -1.7311
Keld Lodge Fog 54.4033 -2.1671
Wheeldale Youth Hostel Fog 54.3739 -0.7443
Low Mill Fog 54.3462 -0.9634
Northallerton Cloudy 54.3378 -1.4284
Dentdale Youth Hostel Drizzle 54.2606 -2.3495

Latest forecasts

Holy Island Cloudy 12 °C
Middleton (Northumberland) Cloudy 13 °C
Powburn Cloudy 13 °C
Alnwick Cloudy 13 °C
Rochester (Northumberland) Overcast 13 °C
Ashington Cloudy 13 °C
Bellingham Cloudy 13 °C
Cramlington Cloudy 13 °C
Haydon Bridge Cloudy 14 °C
Hexham Cloudy 14 °C
Haltwhistle Cloudy 13 °C

Forecast summary

  • Regional
  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

Regional forecast for North East England

Brightening up with some sunshine by afternoon. Chance of showers.


An often dry morning, once early mist lifts, with some pleasant bright or sunny spells, especially in the east. Some showery rain, spreading from the west during the early afternoon, then turning dry and bright as westerly winds freshen. Maximum Temperature 19 °C.


Cloud will thin and break with some long clear spells developing. Winds decreasing to light across most areas. Feeling much cooler than recent nights. Minimum Temperature 4 °C.


Dry and often sunny on Wednesday and feeling warm inland by afternoon with light winds. Cooler near the coast with afternoon sea breezes developing. Maximum Temperature 19 °C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Dry with bright or sunny spells Thursday and feeling warmer. Some rain on Friday perhaps thundery. This should clear by Saturday to brightness and scattered showers.

Updated at: 0520 on Tue 30 May 2017

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Rain moving in from the west, with some brightness later.


A band of showery rain will move south-eastwards today, becoming patchier as moves over northern England. It will be pleasantly warm in the sunshine in central, southern and eastern England.


Any evening showers will ease tonight. It will be a mostly dry night with clear spells developing, and for many it will be cooler and fresher than of late.


After a cool start Wednesday will be largely dry and bright, with some long sunny spells. The cloud may be thicker across southern counties, perhaps with the odd shower here.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Warm and sunny for many at first, however rain will arrive from the west later Thursday. It will become more widespread and heavier for a time Friday, clearing into Saturday.

Updated at: 0245 on Tue 30 May 2017

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Saturday 3 Jun 2017 to Monday 12 Jun 2017:

Details are rather uncertain for next weekend, however, rain is most likely to clear eastwards early on Saturday with drier, brighter, fresher and showery conditions following from the west. Further cloud and outbreaks of rain are then likely from the west early next week. Through the rest of the period, a more changeable pattern is likely across the United Kingdom, with northern and western parts seeing spells of rain at times. Meanwhile, many southern and eastern parts should be drier and brighter, although some spells of rain possible here too. Windy at times, especially in the northwest. Temperatures are likely to be near normal generally, but perhaps warm at times in the south and east.

Updated at: 1150 on Mon 29 May 2017

UK Outlook for Tuesday 13 Jun 2017 to Tuesday 27 Jun 2017:

Confidence is low during this period, although we are likely to see the changeable pattern continuing across the United Kingdom through the period, with a predominately west or southwesterly flow and near normal temperatures. The unsettled conditions most frequently affecting northern and western parts, but also further southeast at times too. By late June confidence remains low, although on balance we are likely to see a continuation of the changeable conditions for many, with temperatures remaining near the average, although some warmer spells remain possible in the south and southeast at times too.

Updated at: 1154 on Mon 29 May 2017

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