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Thu 1100
The Sands of Breckon (Beach) Heavy rain 60.7264 -1.0351
Scatsta Heavy rain 60.4322 -1.2992
Whalsay Airport Light shower day 60.3725 -0.9324
Papa Stour Airstrip Heavy rain 60.3227 -1.6908
Hellister Heavy shower day 60.23172 -1.2999
Walls Heavy shower day 60.22992 -1.56139
Sandwick Overcast 59.9964 -1.2238
Fair Isle Heavy shower day 59.527 -1.628
Westray Airfield Cloudy 59.3506 -2.9475
Eday Airfield Heavy rain 59.1932 -2.7697
St Catherine's Bay Light rain 59.1199 -2.6326
Orkney: Loch of Hundland Cloudy 59.11257 -3.22773
Shapinsay Sound Heavy shower day 59.0044 -2.8306
Foubister Overcast 58.9185 -2.8368
St. Margaret's Hope Cloudy 58.82518 -2.95781

Latest forecasts

The Sands of Breckon (Beach) Heavy rain 10 °C
Scatsta Heavy rain 11 °C
Whalsay Airport Light shower day 11 °C
Papa Stour Airstrip Heavy rain 10 °C
Hellister Heavy shower day 11 °C
Walls Heavy shower day 12 °C
Sandwick Overcast 11 °C
Fair Isle Heavy shower day 11 °C
Westray Airfield Cloudy 12 °C
Eday Airfield Heavy rain 11 °C
St Catherine's Bay Light rain 12 °C

Forecast summary

  • Regional
  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

Regional forecast for Orkney & Shetland

Cloudy and windy. Occasional rain turning heavier for a time.


Cloudy with spells of mostly light rain, but a spell of heavier rain will reach Shetland around midday then Orkney in the afternoon. Strong or gale force south-westerly winds. Shetland becoming drier with winds easing later in the afternoon. Maximum Temperature 13 °C.


More persistent rain and strong winds soon easing over Orkney. Otherwise, a mixture of clear spells and showers. However, the westerly winds will strengthen again, reaching gale force overnight. Minimum Temperature 6 °C.


A mixture of sunny spells and scattered showers. Feeling quite cold in the strong to gale force westerly winds but winds and showers will ease down during the afternoon. Maximum Temperature 10 °C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Some light rain over Shetland on Saturday but drier and brighter over Orkney and becoming milder. Largely dry on Sunday then some rain arriving on Monday. Light southerly winds.

Updated at: 0417 on Thu 27 Oct 2016

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Mostly dry, mild and settled, but with rain for Scotland.


A murky start in the south with low cloud, mist and fog slow to clear, but brightening by afternoon. Cloudier further north, with a little rain, mainly over hills, and more persistent rain and strong winds for north-west Scotland.


Band of rain affecting southern Scotland and northern England, but largely dry elsewhere with some clear spells. Mist and fog may affect southern parts again, although will be less widespread.


Rather cloudy for parts of northern England, with outbreaks of rain through the morning, but still mild. Brighter elsewhere, although with rain likely in the west of Scotland later.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Saturday largely fine and dry, although rather cloudy, Sunday and Monday similar but with some showers or rain in the north-west. Still feeling mild for many.

Updated at: 0203 on Thu 27 Oct 2016

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Monday 31 Oct 2016 to Wednesday 9 Nov 2016:

For Monday and Tuesday high pressure will stay established across the south, bringing a good deal of dry and quiet weather for many. Some will see patchy mist and fog form overnight though and this may well be slow to clear by day. Temperatures will be mostly above average, but with possibly some cold nights in the south. Meanwhile, the north of the UK is likely to be wetter and windier at times, more so further west. From Wednesday confidence is quite low, although the expectation is for colder weather with more widespread night frosts, and generally northerly or north-westerly winds over the UK. Indications suggest unsettled weather with showers and strong winds at times in the north, and generally drier weather with lighter winds further south.

Updated at: 1233 on Wed 26 Oct 2016

UK Outlook for Thursday 10 Nov 2016 to Thursday 24 Nov 2016:

The outlook for mid November remains uncertain however spells of windier and stormier weather look to be less likely than normally expected at this time of year. Indications suggest that at first northerly or north-westerly winds are likely to predominate over the UK, leading to lower than average temperatures for many and a widespread risk of frosts. The expectation is also for windier more showery conditions in the north, perhaps with snow over some higher ground, and drier more settled weather in the south. Towards the end of the period confidence continues to be low, with the more likely scenario looking to be a continuation of the mainly drier, settled weather, although there is a signal for below average temperatures.

Updated at: 1233 on Wed 26 Oct 2016

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