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Fri 1200
Reighton (Beach) Sunny intervals 54.169 -0.2498
Pen-y-Ghent Sunny intervals 54.1558 -2.2473
Kettlewell Youth Hostel Sunny intervals 54.14733 -2.04659
Fountains Fell Sunny intervals 54.1397 -2.2079
Flamborough - Danes Dyke (Beach) Sunny intervals 54.1042 -0.1414
Grassington Sunny day 54.069 -1.9979
Settle Sunny intervals 54.0681 -2.2762
Skipsea (Beach) Sunny intervals 53.9902 -0.2049
Skipton Sunny intervals 53.9634 -2.0104
York Sunny intervals 53.9621 -1.0789
Ilkley Sunny intervals 53.9253 -1.8213
Hornsea Sunny intervals 53.9102 -0.1723
Keighley Sunny intervals 53.8676 -1.9109
Tunstall (Beach) Cloudy 53.77 -0.0131
Withernsea (East Riding of Yorkshire) Cloudy 53.731 0.0346
Halifax Sunny intervals 53.7268 -1.856
Goole Sunny intervals 53.7027 -0.8748
Huddersfield Sunny intervals 53.6456 -1.7835
Immingham Cloudy 53.6138 -0.2143
Hatfield (South Yorkshire) Cloudy 53.5772 -0.9962

Latest forecasts

Reighton (Beach) Sunny intervals 13 °C
Pen-y-Ghent Sunny intervals 6 °C
Kettlewell Youth Hostel Sunny intervals 11 °C
Fountains Fell Sunny intervals 7 °C
Flamborough - Danes Dyke (Beach) Sunny intervals 13 °C
Grassington Sunny day 11 °C
Settle Sunny intervals 11 °C
Skipsea (Beach) Sunny intervals 13 °C
Skipton Sunny intervals 12 °C
York Sunny intervals 13 °C
Ilkley Sunny intervals 12 °C

Forecast summary

  • Regional
  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

Regional forecast for Yorkshire & Humber

Mostly dry with some sunny spells developing.


Rather cloudy with some patchy light rain or drizzle at first across southern areas, then all parts becoming dry with some sunny spells by midday. Winds will be lighter than of late. Maximum Temperature 13 °C.


Clear spells at first could lead to a few mist patches forming, but cloud tending to increase from the west later with perhaps a little drizzle over the Pennines. Minimum Temperature 5 °C.


A few sunny spells, especially in the east, but generally rather cloudy with the odd spot of light rain or drizzle possible over the Pennines. Feeling mild in light winds. Maximum Temperature 16 °C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Mostly dry and relatively mild on Sunday with some sunny spells. Cloud increasing on Monday with perhaps a little rain later. Early rain clearing on Tuesday and feeling colder.

Updated at: 0424 on Fri 28 Oct 2016

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Settled and mild, but with thicker cloud through central areas.


Cloudy, with some patchy rain in central areas, although becoming largely dry by afternoon. Mild, with some brighter spells further south, but the best of any sunshine in the north, although with odd showers in the far north.


Mostly dry overnight, although with some rain for parts of western Scotland and some other western coasts and hills. Some clear spells initially, but becoming cloudier and mild for most.


A generally cloudy day with any brighter spells most likely further east and still feeling mild. Mostly dry, but with patchy rain or drizzle over some western coasts or hills.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Perhaps brighter on Sunday, but with patchy rain in the north and west. Brighter in the south on Monday, but cloudier and wetter further north. Turning cloudier and cooler Tuesday.

Updated at: 0201 on Fri 28 Oct 2016

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Tuesday 1 Nov 2016 to Thursday 10 Nov 2016:

It will be settled in the south at first, with a good deal of fine and dry weather but with overnight patchy fog and chilly nights are likely. Meanwhile, the north of the UK is likely to be wetter and windier at times, more so further west. The rain in the north will probably move southwards by midweek, although it'll be lighter in the south, especially in the southeast. Colder air will then move in behind this from the northwest, bringing showers that may be wintry over high ground in the north. There'll be more widespread night frosts, and generally northerly or north-westerly winds over the UK, with generally drier and brighter weather and lighter winds further south.

Updated at: 1302 on Thu 27 Oct 2016

UK Outlook for Friday 11 Nov 2016 to Friday 25 Nov 2016:

The outlook for mid November remains uncertain however spells of windier and stormier weather look to be less likely than would normally be expected at this time of year. Indications suggest that at first northerly or north-westerly winds are likely to predominate over the UK, leading to lower than average temperatures for many and a widespread risk of frosts. The expectation is for windier and more showery conditions to be possible in the north, perhaps with snow over some higher ground, with drier, more settled weather in the south. Towards the end of the period confidence continues to be low, with the most likely scenario looking to be a continuation of the mainly drier, settled weather, although there is a signal for below average temperatures to continue.

Updated at: 1303 on Thu 27 Oct 2016

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