Manchester Weather Forecast

Manchester weather including a 5 day forecast for temperature, wind speed, UV and weather warnings for today's weather. Alternatively mapped forecasts are available for temperature, rainfall, pressure and cloud.


Manchester is about 160 miles north west of London, inland and east of Liverpool. It is bordered by the Cheshire Plain to the south and the Pennine Hills to the north and east.

Manchester was first recorded as the Roman settlement of Mamucium in around AD79 at the then confluence of the Rivers Irwell and Medlock. The name of the city derives from that of the Roman settlement.

Prior to the Roman settlement, the local area was populated by the Celtic tribe the Brigantes who had a settlement on the banks of the River Irwell, where the cathedral now stands.

Manchester's geographic features, its proximity to a sea port at Liverpool and nearby coal reserves, as well as its access to lots of "clean" rainwater, were highly influential in its early development as the world's first modern industrial city, through the processing of cotton and the manufacture of textiles.

By 1736, the Irwell and Mersey were made navigable with a route to the sea docks on the River Mersey.

The first wholly artificial waterway, in Britain, the Bridgewater Canal was opened in 1761, enabling the efficient and relatively cheap delivery of coal from local mines to Manchester.

By 1776, the canal had been extended to the Mersey thus enabling cheap delivery of cotton from the wider world into Manchester.

Bringing these factors together, inside the trading envelope of the British Empire and its world trade routes, Manchester became dominant in the world-wide market for textiles.

Climate related notes

Manchester, like most of Britain, experiences a generally mild climate and while there is a commonly held perception that it receives a lot of rain, in fact, it receives slightly less than the UK average.

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Five day table

The five day forecast table provides a detailed view of the weather for the days ahead at Manchester.

Our Air Quality Index is currently in Beta. It is a daily index representing the background and regional air quality for a chosen location. Air pollution levels close to roads in urban areas may be higher. For more information please visit our Daily Air Quality Index page.


The Timeline provides an alternative graphical representation of the five day forecast for a location. Forecasts for around 5000 UK locations can be viewed in this way. For each location we provide three-hourly forecasts of weather, temperature, wind speed and direction and feels like temperature.

Temperature range

The temperature range forecast is a relatively new way of displaying forecast information. Temperatures will fall within the indicated range roughly 9 times out of 10 with the most likely temperature shown in green. There may be variations between this product and the five day forecast. Five day forecasts of maximum and minimum temperature for around 5000 UK locations can be viewed in this way.

Text forecast

Text forecasts are provided for the each of the nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland along with six regional forecasts for Scotland and eight regions of England.