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    • Regional
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    Regional forecast for South West England

    Decent sunny periods and some showers. Another cool day.


    Whilst there may be a scattering of showers, many places will have a dry day with some decent periods of sunshine. Despite this, it is going to be cool again. Maximum Temperature 18C.


    It should be a generally dry night with largely clear skies. This means it will again be unseasonably chilly for many. Minimum Temperature 4C.


    After a generally bright but chilly start, variable amounts of cloud will spread from the north with a few outbreaks of rain. Still feeling cool. Maximum Temperature 18C.

    Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

    Sunny spells and showers on Friday. Mostly dry with some sunshine over the weekend, before cloud and rain spreads from the west on Sunday.

    Issued at: 0500 on Wed 20 Aug 2014

    UK forecast for the next 5 days

    Dry for many but some showers. Cool again.


    Another cool day. Many places staying dry with a good deal of sunshine. Whilst there will be some scattered showers, these should be lighter and less frequent than Tuesday. Cloud and rain will spread into northwest Scotland during the afternoon.


    Cloud and outbreaks of rain gradually spreading southeastwards across Scotland and Northern Ireland reaching northern England during the early hours. Mostly dry and cool with prolonged clear periods further south.


    Cloud and showery rain spreading southwards, but staying largely dry and bright in the south and east. Brighter again in the north later. Cool again.

    Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

    Showery outbreaks of rain for southern parts on Friday, clearer conditions extending from the north with some showers. Mostly dry over the weekend but rain arriving from the west later.

    Issued at: 0500 on Wed 20 Aug 2014

    Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

    UK Outlook for Sunday 24 Aug 2014 to Tuesday 2 Sep 2014:

    After a cold and clear start for many on Sunday, cloud and rain in the southwest will spread northeast to affect most places by the end of the day. Temperatures will recover back to average values for August thanks to the change in wind direction, but freshening winds in the west will make it feel cooler. Unsettled through next week, and likely beyond, with showers or longer spells of rain. The wettest weather should be in the northwest where there could be strong winds at times, whilst the best of the drier and brighter interludes will be towards the southeast. Temperatures will generally be around normal, perhaps locally warm at times in the southeast, but still feeling cool in the wind and rain.

    UK Outlook for Tuesday 2 Sep 2014 to Tuesday 16 Sep 2014:

    Current signals continue to suggest a broadly changeable spell of weather. As such, most regions can expect to see spells of fine weather, with some warm sunshine at times. However, these spells will then be interspersed with more unsettled conditions bringing showery outbreaks and perhaps more prolonged spells of rain. Northern and western parts are then likely to see the most frequent bouts of unsettled weather, whilst southern and eastern parts are likely to see the most frequent and prolonged fine and dry spells. Daytime temperatures, meanwhile, are likely to be warm during the fine spells and near or below average during unsettled weather.

    Issued at: 0500 on Wed 20 Aug 2014

    Location Details


    Location: 51.5556, -1.7784

    Altitude: 131m above mean sea level

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    Swindon information

    Swindon, like many British towns, really came to prominence during the Industrial Revolution, thanks to its role in the building of the railways.

    This town, located in Wiltshire and with a population of roughly 200,000 people, started life as a small market town that was dramatically affected by the coming of the Industrial Revolution. As with many towns, the canal network that was built across the United Kingdom brought trade to Swindon, along with an increase in population in the early years of the 19th century.

    However, in around 1841-42, Swindon became a town of huge importance to the blossoming transport network that Isambard Kingdom Brunel was rolling out across England. The Great Western Railway had a large workshop in Swindon, dedicated to repairing the train engines, and also built houses to accommodate its workers. In the latter half of the century the GWR workers contributed to a health fund that ensured they were prescribed medicine, given proper dental care — or even just told to have a haircut! This small but useful service eventually was used to help define the NHS system in 1948.

    Contemporary Swindon owes a lot to these early industrial years of transport and trade boom, and as such boasts a variety of transport-related museums, such as the Railway Village Museum and the Steam Railway Museum. Modern-day Swindon, famed for its location on the ‘M4 corridor’, is also the home of another transport first — the Magic Roundabout, a unique five-part roundabout that has helped control traffic flow effectively in what was once a dangerous area. Swindon also has a lively motorsports scene, with the nearby Foxhill motocross staging Grand Prix events.

    The pioneering spirit of Swindon is evident in the array of arts, literature and cultural events that take place regularly throughout the year, including the Swindon Mela, its Festival of Literature, and the Big Arts Day. There are also a number of venues that provide live music all year round and host the town’s yearly music festival, the Swindon Shuffle. This humble British town is also twinned with one of the most famous modern-day tourist attractions in the world — Walt Disney World Florida!