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    Forecast summary

    • Regional
    • UK 5 days
    • UK 6-30 days

    Regional forecast for West Midlands

    Frost and scattered showers tonight. Bright with scattered showers tomorrow.

    This Evening and Tonight:

    Mainly dry and clear this evening, with a widespread frost developing, and some fog patches too in places. Turning cloudier with scattered showers overnight. The showers sleety on higher ground. Minimum Temperature -2°C.


    Cold and bright with a mix of sunny intervals and scattered showers. The showers falling briefly as sleet or snow on higher ground. Maximum Temperature 6°C.

    Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

    Cold, wet and breezy on Saturday, with possible snow on higher ground. Feeling much colder on Sunday and Monday, with brisk northerly winds and occasional snow showers.

    Updated at: 1447 on Thu 11 Feb 2016

    UK forecast for the next 5 days

    Frost and scattered showers. Some snow across eastern Scotland tomorrow.

    This Evening and Tonight:

    Cold with scattered showers. The showers mainly towards the south and near the coast, but falling briefly as sleet or snow on high ground. Becoming widely frosty with fog patches, especially across northern, eastern and central Britain.


    Cold with broken cloud and scattered showers. The showers falling as sleet or snow on higher ground. More persistent sleet or snow potentially edging southwards across eastern Scotland.

    Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

    Wet and breezy with hill snow in the south Saturday, but brighter with wintry showers in north. Colder with brisk northerly winds and occasional sleet or snow showers Sunday onwards.

    Updated at: 1440 on Thu 11 Feb 2016

    Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

    UK Outlook for Tuesday 16 Feb 2016 to Thursday 25 Feb 2016:

    Cold and predominantly fine on Tuesday, with a hard frost and potentially some freezing fog patches morning and night. On Tuesday night, it is expected to turn milder and breezy with rain across Scotland and Northern Ireland. The rain perhaps preceded by some snow for a time. During Wednesday and Thursday, the rain and hill snow is expected to spread across Wales and England, but is likely to stall across central parts whilst dying out. Brighter weather with scattered wintry showers follows into northern and western areas. Thereafter, the weather looks set to be rather cold and changeable, with some wet and windy weather, but also some frosty conditions around too during quieter interludes. Probably cold enough for snow at times, though mainly on higher ground and towards the north.

    UK Outlook for Friday 26 Feb 2016 to Friday 11 Mar 2016:

    A continuation of rather cold and changeable weather conditions looks the most likely trend at this stage, with winds predominantly blowing from the west or northwest. Probably wettest and windiest towards the north, with a greater likelihood of longer settled periods of weather in the south. By mid March, there are signs of more settled weather across other parts of the country too. Temperatures probably averaging out at near or just below the seasonal norm.

    Updated at: 1440 on Thu 11 Feb 2016

    Location Details

    Birmingham International Airport

    Location: 52.4533, -1.7357

    Altitude: 93m above mean sea level

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