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    Forecast summary

    • Regional
    • UK 5 days
    • UK 6-30 days

    Regional forecast for East Midlands

    Windy and rather cloudy, but mild. Rain mainly affecting Derbyshire.


    A mild, windy and often cloudy day with perhaps some breaks in the cloud in the east. Persistent rain, sometimes heavy, will affect Derbyshire and parts of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, but generally dry elsewhere with only occasional drizzle. Maximum Temperature 12C.


    Staying windy, but winds easing a touch, and remaining mild and mostly cloudy with spells of rain mostly affecting Derbyshire during the evening, then perhaps drier later in the night. Minimum Temperature 10C.


    Remaining breezy with broken cloud and mild conditions. Some rain still affecting northern counties at times, whilst mainly dry elsewhere. Rain should move southwards during the evening to all parts. Maximum Temperature 12C.

    Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

    Wednesday, brighter with a chilly breeze and isolated showers, wintry in the Peak District. Frosty start Christmas Day, with scattered showers in east, sunny elsewhere. Wet and windy later Friday.

    Updated at: 0321 on Mon 22 Dec 2014

    UK forecast for the next 5 days

    Windy with rain slowly sinking southwards. Colder, clearer in north.


    Rain across northern England and Northern Ireland, heavy over western hills, moves slowly south. Further south remaining mild and cloudy with patchy rain. To the north, colder, clearer with showers, wintry over hills. Remaining windy, especially across northern England/Wales.


    Rain stalling over northern England and Wales. Colder, clearer with showers, wintry over hills, to the north. To the south, remaining mild, cloudy and windy with patchy rain.


    Rain continues to erratically move south, locally heavy across western hills. Mild, cloudy and windy in the south with increasing rain in the west. Colder with showers in the north.

    Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

    Rain erratically clearing southwards during Christmas Eve. Colder, clearer conditions with showers, wintry over northern hills, reaching all areas by Christmas Day. Further rain late Boxing Day in the west.

    Updated at: 0241 on Mon 22 Dec 2014

    Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

    UK Outlook for Saturday 27 Dec 2014 to Monday 5 Jan 2015:

    Most places will be wet and windy on Saturday, with gales or sever gales developing in places. Southeastern areas of England may stay dry at first, however. Cloud and rain are expected to clear erratically eastwards during Sunday leaving sunny spells and scattered blustery showers. These will be most frequent across northern and western Britain, becoming wintry with snow in the north. Temperatures will initially be above average but fall below as the rain clears. It will become colder into the following week with snow showers developing across the north. These may spread southwards at times and it will be frosty with freezing fog patches possible. It may turn more unsettled with time, with wetter and windier conditions returning from the west, and temperatures becoming nearer normal.

    UK Outlook for Tuesday 6 Jan 2015 to Tuesday 20 Jan 2015:

    The most likely scenario for the coming New Year is for a continuation of changeable, and at times, windy weather coming from the Atlantic with the wettest weather probably across western parts of the UK, and southern and eastern parts most likely to see the best of any dry weather. In between the wetter periods there should be drier, brighter, and colder spells. Temperatures are most likely to be around, or slightly below, average for the time of year with overnight frosts and some snow possible, particularly over the high ground.

    Updated at: 0241 on Mon 22 Dec 2014

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    Location: 52.94578, -0.16136

    Altitude: 4m above mean sea level

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