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    Forecast Summary

    • Regional
    • UK 5 days
    • UK 6-30 days

    Regional forecast for North West England

    Mainly dry, cold night. Rain spreading south through the day.

    This Evening and Tonight:

    A dry evening with clear spells for most overnight, though cloud will tend to thicken from the north later in the night, with some outbreaks of rain possible across Cumbria by dawn. Localised mist or fog possible in southern areas. Minimum Temperature 7C.


    Cloud and rain will slowly move southwards through the day, though probably not reaching Cheshire until later in the afternoon. Some heavier bursts are possible into the afternoon and evening. Maximum Temperature 18C.

    Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

    Cloud and rain clearing on Wednesday with the odd shower following. Largely cloudy on Thursday and Friday with some patchy light rain or drizzle. Breezy throughout, especially on Thursday.

    Issued at: 1700 on Mon 22 Sep 2014

    UK forecast for the next 5 days

    Dry and fine for most, with rain continuing in northwest.

    This Evening and Tonight:

    Cloud and rain, in the northwest, will continue edging southeastwards overnight, possibly reaching northern parts of northern England by dawn. Elsewhere will be dry, clear and cold with a rural grass frost and a few mist and fog patches likely.


    The cloud and occasional rain will continue southwards, across the rest of northern England and north Wales by evening. Largely dry and fine elsewhere, though further rain in northwest later.

    Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

    Rain clearing southwards Wednesday with the odd shower following. Largely cloudy on Thursday and Friday, windy with outbreaks of rain or drizzle in northwestern areas, drier with some brightness elsewhere.

    Issued at: 1700 on Mon 22 Sep 2014

    Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

    UK Outlook for Saturday 27 Sep 2014 to Monday 6 Oct 2014:

    Fairly cloudy at first, though some sunny intervals developing for central, southern and eastern parts of the UK. Outbreaks of rain are expected for northern and western areas, more persistent for parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland, although clearer, showery weather should follow for a time. It will be quite windy here too. Temperatures generally near or a little above normal. Into the following week, the north and west are likely to remain the windiest and most unsettled parts of the UK, with the best of the weather further south and east. However, a little rain is to be expected here at times. Temperatures should be a little above normal for most. This general northwest-southeast split in the weather is then likely to continue into the start of October.

    UK Outlook for Tuesday 7 Oct 2014 to Tuesday 21 Oct 2014:

    The broadly northwest-southeast split in weather conditions expected to become established for late September and early October is then showing signs of persisting into mid-October. This pattern would leave southern, central and eastern parts tending to see the best of the weather with conditions often fine and dry. Occasional bouts of rain should still be expected, and mist and fog patches may be a problem during morning rush hours but under fine weather it should feel pleasant. Further northwest, conditions are likely to be more unsettled with more frequent outbreaks of rain, perhaps accompanied by strong winds, temperatures here then often closer to average or perhaps even just below at times.

    Issued at: 1700 on Mon 22 Sep 2014

    Location Details

    Great Harwood

    Location: 53.7817, -2.3988

    Altitude: 99m above mean sea level

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