Newcastle Upon Tyne Weather Forecast

Newcastle Upon Tyne weather including a 5 day forecast for temperature, wind speed, UV and weather warnings for today's weather. Alternatively mapped forecasts are available for temperature, rainfall, pressure and cloud.


Newcastle is a city on the north east coast of England, situated astride, but mainly north of the river Tyne and centred 8.5miles from the North Sea. There is now a large recognised conurbation encompassing a much larger footprint, but the city retains its individualism to its core.

The city was first recorded as the Roman settlement of Pons Aelius, (Pons= bridge) at the end of the famous 73 mile fortification of Hadrian's Wall. (Part of the city is still known as Wallsend).

The city is built on sloping sedimentary coal bearing rocks, with land rising to the west and the North Sea dominating the east

The river has always been a vital part of the city. Much of the current city near the river retains its mediaeval road layout. The port developed in the 16th century and became one of the world's largest ship building and ship-repairing centres as the city developed as an important centre for the wool trade and later as a major coal mining area.

Climate related notes

The climate in Newcastle is milder than that of other locations at a similar latitude due to the influence of the Gulf Steam on the UK landmass as a whole.

Some more weather related information

December 2013 saw very high tidal surges and parts of the Quayside were flooded to a depth of about 1metre when the river burst its banks. Homes on or near to the coast were evacuated for safety reasons while there was also damage to buildings, trees and power supplies because of the associated high winds.

On 28 June 2012, 50mm rain fell in around 2 hours and led to over 1,200 properties being affected by flooding.

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Five day table

The five day forecast table provides a detailed view of the weather for the days ahead at Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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