Poole Weather Forecast

Poole weather including a 5 day forecast for temperature, wind speed, UV and weather warnings for today's weather. Alternatively mapped forecasts are available for temperature, rainfall, pressure and cloud.

Poole is a large coastal town on the south coast of England, 112 miles south west of London. It is built north of its natural harbour, the largest in Europe and second largest in the world.

Wytch farm, on the south western shore of the harbour is home to Britain’s largest onshore oil field, which extends East and South for about 7 miles.

The geological deposits that underlie Poole are mainly clays. The Rivers Frome and Piddle carved out a wide estuary through the clays at the mouth of which, sand deposited to form spits. The spits formed an enclosing barrier and created what is now the harbour.

The harbour holds eight islands, the largest being Brownsea; where the very first camp of the Boy Scout Movement took place in 1907. The whole of the island is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest and it is owned by the National Trust.

People have lived in the area since at least the stone age and a dredging operation in the harbour revealed the “Poole Longboat” a 2,000-year-old monoxylon (a boat carved from a single piece of wood) which is now a valued museum exhibit.

The earliest recorded use of the name “Poole” was in the 12th century when the town began to grow as port. It was subject to two large-scale Viking invasions: in 876, Guthrum used Poole as way to get to Wareham, at the time a strong Saxon settlement and in 1015, Canute, began his journey to the throne of England from Poole Harbour, using it once again as the gateway into Wessex.

The port grew until the 19th century when the newer larger ships could no longer easily use the shallow harbour, which is now more a key element for the local tourism industry.

During the Second World War, Poole harbour was the third largest embarkation point for the D-Day landings and the base for the US coastguard during the conflict. On D-Day, 81 landing craft containing the American 29th infantry Division and the US Army Rangers departed for the Normandy beaches.

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Five day table

The five day forecast table provides a detailed view of the weather for the days ahead at Poole.

Our Air Quality Index is currently in Beta. It is a daily index representing the background and regional air quality for a chosen location. Air pollution levels close to roads in urban areas may be higher. For more information please visit our Daily Air Quality Index page.


The Timeline provides an alternative graphical representation of the five day forecast for a location. Forecasts for around 5000 UK locations can be viewed in this way. For each location we provide three-hourly forecasts of weather, temperature, wind speed and direction and feels like temperature.

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The temperature range forecast is a relatively new way of displaying forecast information. Temperatures will fall within the indicated range roughly 9 times out of 10 with the most likely temperature shown in green. There may be variations between this product and the five day forecast. Five day forecasts of maximum and minimum temperature for around 5000 UK locations can be viewed in this way.

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