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Hillwalking with babies and children

You're never too young to climb your first mountain! Well, that's if you count being carried to the top of Snowdon in a baby carrier. Whether you have a tiny baby, an ambitious toddler or older kids up for a challenge, hillwalking with your children can be a fun and exciting adventure for the whole family.

Fri, 18 December, 2015

A first peak - bag yours in the Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales is a great place to bag your first peak. The terrain tends not to be as steep and extreme as the Lake District but you can still climb to a splendid top with fantastic views. Here are five suggestions for a first climb.

Thu, 03 September, 2015

Mountain Weather forecast - East Highlands

The East Highlands includes a large part of the Cairngorm National Park and the Balmoral Estate, the Scottish home of the Royal family since 1852. The East Highlands are also home to a number of ski resorts including the Glenshee Ski Centre, the largest in the UK. The centre extends across four mountains, Glas Maol the largest at 1,068m and Carn Aosda the smallest at 917m, and includes 36 different ski runs.

Whilst a little smaller than its westerly neighbour, the East Highlands remain, by far, Britain's second largest mountain region. These dimensions can change depending on who you ask, as the exact dividing line between the East and West Highlands is still a bone of contention.

The most accepted consensus is that east meets west at Creag Meagaidh in Glen Spean. It is also this location which provides one of the area's most popular activities - ice climbing. This is thanks to its vast plateau from which five munros (that seem almost made for climbing) stretch out. Seeing as plenty is on offer for visitors and it is crammed in a relatively small area, it should come as no surprise that the Creag Meagaidh area has been praised as offering all that is good about the Highlands in a single nature reserve.

East Highlands weather page provides a 5 day weather forecast for many places within East Highlands mountains and the surrounding area, featuring 3 hourly updates on weather conditions for rainfall, temperature, wind speed and wind direction.

Weather Warnings and alerts for the East Highlands region are also displayed during periods of severe weather. We warn the public and emergency responders of severe or hazardous weather which has the potential to cause danger to life or widespread disruption through our National Severe Weather Warning Service. Weather warnings are displayed for rain, snow, wind, fog and ice. For more information please view our weather warnings guide page.

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Last updated: 20 April 2016

Weather hazards over 300m

Sorry, forecast is available in English only.

Blizzards Heavy snow Storm force winds
Gales Severe chill effect Persistent hill fog
Thunderstorms Heavy persistent rain Strong sunlight

Snow and Avalanche Reports

Scotland Avalanche Information Service

The sportscotland Avalanche Information Service provides a daily avalanche hazard assessment, snow and mountain conditions at 2 popular areas within the East Highlands during the Winter season.

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Video observations

Representative video of current weather conditions.