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    East of England extremes

    Parameter Location Value
    Highest maximum temperature Charsfield 25.8
    Lowest maximum temperature Bedford 24.1
    Lowest minimum temperature Santon Downham 9.4
    Highest rainfall Cromer 7.6
    Sunniest Wattisham 10.4 hours

    UK extremes

    Parameter Location Value
    Highest maximum temperature Gravesend 26.2
    Lowest maximum temperature Loch Glascarnoch 13.3
    Lowest minimum temperature South Newington 8.7
    Highest rainfall Drumnadrochit 31.8
    Sunniest Herstmonceux 11.6

    About extremes

    Highest maximum temperature - (0900 to 2100 on the date shown)

    Lowest maximum temperature - (0900 to 2100 on the date shown)

    Lowest minimum temperature - (2100 on the previous day to 0900 on the date shown)

    Highest rainfall -(2100 on the previous day to 2100 on the date shown)

    Sunniest - (2100 on the previous day to 2100 on the date shown)

    Issued at: 0002 on Fri 01 Aug 2014

    Location Details


    Location: 52.6305, 1.2991

    Altitude: 11m above mean sea level

    Norwich information

    Norwich is 117 miles north east of London, about 20 miles inland of the North Sea coast. It is bisected by the River Wensum and bordered at its southern reaches by the River Yare.

    The area has been settled since ancient times. The local pre Roman centre of population was believed to be at Caister St Edmunds, some 4 miles south of the current city centre. There is a lot of evidence of local Roman occupation and development. This area was the centre of the revolt led by Boudica around 60 AD.

    Evidence indicates that Norwich was developed after the Romans abandoned Caister in about 450 AD. At the time of the Norman invasion the city was one of the largest in England and the Domesday Book (1086), records its size at the time to include 25 churches and a population of up to 10,000 souls. By 1096 the building of the cathedral started using Caen stone from Normandy which required the cutting of a canal from the river.

    Following a riot in the city in 1274, Norwich has the distinction of being the only English city to be excommunicated by the Pope.

    The area has been and still is important agriculturally and was for many years a key exporter of wool and wool products. This trade generated local wealth and paid for the construction of many churches. Norwich has more medieval churches than any other western European city north of the Alps.

    The first provincial newspaper in Britain was established in Norwich in 1701, the Norwich Post.

    The first rail connection to London was opened in 1845, until which it was quicker to travel to Amsterdam by boat than to get to London