Recent observations are provided for around 140 locations across the UK. For each location we provide hourly observations of weather, temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, visibility and pressure. The observation location is based on the nearest site to your selected forecast location. Hourly observation reports as recorded in real time by the Met Office UK Monitoring System. It should be noted that sites will only report parameters based on the instrumentation installed at each site. This means that some sites measure the cloud amount but don't have the instrumentation to report whether it is raining or snowing. Therefore the weather column may display a "dry" symbol when it is in fact raining or snowing. Observations are subject to final quality control by the Met Office after publication.

Change location

To change an observation site, enter a location (this could be a village, town or city) or a postcode into the search box and click on your chosen location. You can also search for world forecast locations by entering a location or world post/zip code. Select the appropriate location and your choice of forecast location from the list provided before clicking on the 'OK' button. Click on the star to add your chosen forecast to your favourite locations. You can save up to five locations as favourites. Favourite locations can be found by clicking in the search box.

For web browsers that have geolocation capabilities, you can also use the 'find my location' button to automatically find your location. Find out more in the Observations guide.

You can move between the weather forecast, nearest observation site and the climate for the location by clicking on the arrow next to the forecast location name and select either forecast, observations or climate.


The map view allows you to view recent weather data for the UK for observing locations and mapped information such as radar and satellite pictures.

The observation covers a range of elements including temperature, wind speed and direction, weather, visibility and pressure.

Alternatively, mapped observational information is available in the form of rainfall radar, visible and infra-red cloud satellite images and pressure maps.

To display your chosen observation type, select one of the options from the map menu on the right.

You can pan and zoom around the map using the controls in the top left of the map or by using your mouse to click and drag the map and the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Zooming in on a location will display additional observations in that area.

Click on the time selector to view the observations for a particular time or use the play button to animate the archive.

Observations table

The observations table provides a detailed view of the weather for the last 24 hours.

Regional extremes

Extremes of temperature, rainfall and sunshine are provided for your chosen region along with the location at which they occurred.


The Timeline provides an alternative graphical representation of recent weather observations for a location. For each location we provide hourly observations of weather, temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, visibility and pressure.