Hazard and risk management

Hazard and risk management services for emergency responders including Hazard Manager and the Climate Impacts Risk assessment Framework.

The Met Office provides a range of services that help authorities prepare for and respond to emergency incidents and long-term risks that are caused or influenced by weather and climate.

Hazard Manager

Hazard Manager is a one-stop information source for the emergency response community. It is an interactive web portal using maps which can be overlayed with weather and incident related information. It allows users to access their services in one location, using a single username and password. "Events" are posted when there is an active incident, essential for keeping cat 1&2 emergency responders up-to-date with the very latest information and developments as they happen.

The following services can be accessed through Hazard Manager:

Hazard Manager is designed to supplement the role of the PWS Advisors in providing consistent weather-related information and interpretation for the UK Emergency Response community.Our team of regionally-based Public Weather Service advisors can be called upon to provide advice at a strategic command and control centre level.

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Last updated: 6 February 2013