Hazard Manager FAQs

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Here are a collection of frequently asked questions about Hazard Manager

Will I need to change my PC settings?

In order to use Hazard Manager a number of settings are required - see the technical guide for more details. Should you experience any difficulties, please contact us and we will be able to help diagnose any problems you are encountering. However, to apply a fix it may be necessary to involve your IT department.

More details about Hazard manager technical guide

Do I have to register for Hazard Manager?

Yes, you will need to register before you can access Hazard Manager. This new username and password will enable you to access all your services in a single place. Please see if you are eligible to use the service, and, if so, register for Hazard Manager by using the 'More details..' link below. Hazard Manager will only display services that you are eligible to receive, e.g. FFC products are only available for England and Wales and CHEMET and FireMet are only available to subscribed users.

More details about Service eligibility & registration

Is Hazard Manager replacing my current service(s)?

Hazard Manager will eventually replace all Met Office and FFC existing web-based services to the responder community. There will be a transition period while we move services such as Emergency Support across to Hazard Manager. During this short period services will be available on both the old and new platforms, however, we encourage you to use Hazard Manager wherever possible.

The Emergency Support links still work, should I use that or Hazard Manager?

Once this service is available through Hazard manager, please use this wherever possible. The old service will be retained for a short while during transition. However, they will eventually be removed.

What does Beta mean?

Beta allows you to view and comment on new products whilst they are still in development. They are not operational so may not be available all the time. Should they fail, they will be recovered in a reasonable endeavours basis.

Why are there gaps in the wind and rainfall layers?

On some of the layers you will see a chequer board effect with gaps in the data. This is caused by a plotting issue and will be rectified in a future a release of Hazard Manager.

The temperature colours on the map do not match the colours in the key?

The underlying map background affects the colours displayed. The colours are most accurate at 100% opacity. This can be done by setting the scale to maximum. This will be rectified in a future release.

Last updated: 1 June 2015