Local authorities

A wide range of weather and climate services are available to help you improve your resilience and manage your operations more efficiently.

Improve your service delivery

We can help you improve your service delivery to the community by providing weather and climate forecasts, advice and information. We can also help to develop your resilience, planning and decision making in the short and longer term, ultimately making you and your organisation more efficient, economic and effective.

With higher risk of severe weather and flooding, emergency planning has never been so important. Also with the significance of protecting valuable assets, considering how infrastructure could also be affected by temperature increases and rainfall intensity is essential.

We offer a wide range of services, from warning of imminent severe weather, advising how an airborne disease may spread, training you to understand more about weather impacts, to how you need to adapt to changes in climate that are expected in years to come.

Free-at-point-of-use services for local authorities

General weather forecasts

See the latest weather.

Weather Widget

Upload and customise your very own weather content onto your web page

Mobile technology

Emergency Response Services

To help improve your resilience and the effectiveness of public services that protect lives and property.

Hazard Manager

Hazard and risk management is a web portal providing a one-stop information source for the emergency response community, allowing you to access your services in one location, using a single username and password.

Flood Forecasting Centre

A single source of  information, to help England and Wales prepare for, and respond to, flooding.

National Severe Weather Warnings

A service that alerts the public, civil emergency authorities and the MoD in advance of severe weather conditions in order to take action to reduce the impacts, both during and after the event.

Public Weather Service (PWS) Advisors

To find out who your regional public weather advisor is email us.

Atmospheric dispersion and Chemical Meteorology (CHEMET)

To track and predict plumes for a range of incidents our dispersion models have been used for incidents such as Buncefield case study, Chernobyl and the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland.

CHEMET can be used to track the dispersion of a chemical release.

Fire Severity Index

We work with Natural England and the Countryside Council for Wales to help prepare against fire threat. The index provides an assessment of the current day's fire severity and a forecast of the fire severity over the coming five days.

Education resources

Free classroom-ready downloadable education resources.

Climate information

UK Climate Projections 2009 (UKCP09) is a climate analysis tool, funded by Defra, which features the most comprehensive climate projections ever produced. We can help you apply UKCP09 data to your organisation. Find out how.

Read a case study about how we used UKCP09 data to help Dorset County Council Highways team assess the impacts of climate change on their roads.
Dorset County Council Highways team case study Dorset County Council Highways team case study (PDF, 452 kB)  

Read how we helped the East Midlands Development Agency understand the impact of climate change on the East Midlands economy.

East Midlands economy case study East Midlands economy case study (PDF, 604 kB)

Value-added services

Climate impacts risk framework

Integrate weather and climate change risks into your planning and risk assessment procedures.

Climate Change Impacts and Risk assessment Framework (CIRF) Climate Change Impacts and Risk assessment Framework (CIRF) (PDF, 847 kB)


The Met Office College provides a wide range of professional and tailored training programmes. We combine scientific excellence with hands-on experience.


OpenRoad is an online weather forecasting package that can help local authorities minimise the effects of weather on the roads.

For more information about our services for Government, please email us or contact our Customer Centre.

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Last updated: 25 July 2013