Wind farm site search and selection

An initial long-term wind resource assessment at any potential onshore or offshore wind farm site is crucial to decision making, to minimise investment risk and ensure a project's viability.

Make confident wind farm site search and selection decisions with our wind maps and historical wind data. Using our Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model and supercomputer technology, we can provide key wind climatology statistics including long-term mean wind speed and direction, exceedance values, maximum gusts, wind shear and turbulence intensity.

Our solutions include the capability to accurately assess long-term wind projections over the lifetime of the wind turbine with our wind assessment tool Virtual Met Mast™.

For experts, we have Virtual Met Mast™ Time Series data for your own analysis and to input into your own models.

Offshore wind farm site selection solutions including analysing historic data, deploying buoys to capture real-time wind and wave measurements and providing metocean data to enhance design.

Last updated: 11 August 2014

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