Wind farm construction, operations and maintenance

When it comes to constructing, operating and maintaining your onshore or offshore wind farm, we have web-based solutions to maximise safety and efficiency.

Optimise your site potential, reduce risks and harness wind energy with our complete range of weather and oceanographic services.

Our web-based weather monitoring and alert system VisualEyes™ can help with efficient maintenance scheduling and safe operations for onshore wind farms.

For safe and efficient offshore wind farm and oil and gas construction, operations and maintenance, Safesee™ is an easy to interpret web-based weather forecast delivery system to aid operational decision making.

Our web-based solutions for onshore and offshore sites -  VisualEyes™ and Safesee™ enable you to visualise weather elements across all your sites anywhere in the world, helping you make the best decisions for day-to-day marine and weather sensitive operations.

Last updated: 7 August 2014

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