Meet the scientists

Met Office scientists are renowned for their expertise and are trained to the highest standards.

Our research and development team are at the forefront of scientific research. A number of our scientists are dedicated to enhancing our understanding of the variable nature of wind and therefore predict conditions more accurately.

Meet the team striving to continually enhance the science behind our wind energy solutions.

Dr Clive Wilson

Dr Clive WilsonClive leads the team developing, testing and evaluating the Operational Regional and Limited Area forecast models. Currently the focus is to improve the new UKV model which has a horizontal resolution of 1.5km and so permits convection.

Clive is also part of the team developing the Virtual Met Mast™ tool for wind resources screening to support the wind energy industry.

John Mitchell

John Mitchell

John is a metocean scientist based at the Aberdeen office.  With more than 30 years' experience in the provision of weather forecasts to the offshore community, he works to ensure that world-leading science and technology from across the Met Office is 'pulled-through' into products and services that meet the needs of the offshore community, now and in the future. 

He has extensive specialist scientific knowledge of the Met Office wave forecast models, including assessment for industry usage and application of metocean data to aspects of offshore oil and gas and marine renewables projects.

Dr Simon Vosper

Dr Simon VosperSimon leads the Orographic Processes team and conducts research into improving the representation of orography (hills and mountains) in forecast and climate models, looking specifically at developing new techniques for local forecasting in mountainous and hilly regions.

Simon has recently worked on the scientific development and testing of the post-processing techniques in the Met Office Virtual Met Mast™ tool, which predicts site-specific wind climatology for wind farm planning.

Dr Ricky Wong

Dr Ricky WongRicky is a research scientist using his modelling expertise to test and develop a new high-resolution approach with the Met Office Virtual Met Mast™ tool, which can complement local site observations made when assessing potential site locations.

This approach makes use of the Met Office Unified Model (UM), using nested model domains to represent the details of the wind flow at very high resolution.

Dr Paul Abernethy

Dr Paul AbernethyPaul works to develop statistical techniques that can be used to help improve our forecast accuracy at specific locations. The resolution of the Unified Model places certain limitations on the accuracy of our forecasts, especially at locations that have characteristics that are not typical of the surrounding area.

Forecasts for such sites will unavoidably contain systematic errors that are related to the site's location. Paul's work develops and applies statistical techniques that aim to minimise these systematic errors and thereby improve the accuracy of our forecasts at these locations.

Dr Teil Howard

Dr Teil HowardTeil is a member of the Commercial Product Development group, whose work includes developing and improving customer-specific forecasting products by using post-processing techniques to add value to model output.

Teil has worked on a range of different site-specific products but her current focus is hub height forecasting for wind farms through the Wind Production Forecast.

Mark Gallani

Mark GallaniMark works on consultancy for external bodies, from private companies to government agencies. He provides expertise in climatological statistical analysis and presentation methods for the benefit of all customers, consultancy on climate and climate change impacts, and weather sensitivity analysis.

The current focus of Mark's work is to provide and improve assessments of site suitability and energy generation potential for the renewable energy sector, especially wind energy.

 Alasdair Skea

Alasdair Skea_thumbnailAlasdair leads the Renewables Applications team which develops and delivers products to help our customers manage the impact of weather on their renewable energy business.

The team works on developing a range of services in this sector which include operational forecasting and our site-screening and wind assessment tool, Virtual Met MastTM.

Dr Andy Saulter

Dr Andy SaulterAndy manages wave modelling and oceanographic consultancy teams that deliver short range forecast and operational planning services for the marine sector.

Central to these activities is assessing the quality of science that underlies Met Office models and understanding both the performance of these systems and how best their data can be used to enable safe and cost-effective management of operations at sea.

Last updated: 15 April 2016

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