Virtual Met Mast™

Site-specific, hub-height wind prediction tool specifically designed for wind farm developers and consultants.

Virtual Met Mast™ can help wind farm developers and wind farm consultants select the best onshore and offshore wind farm sites globally.

It provides key wind climatology statistics including mean wind speed, wind direction, exceedance values, wind shear and turbulence intensity, which are demonstrated in our Virtual Met Mast™ sample report November 2014 sample report (PDF, 1 MB) .

Virtual Met Mast Plus™ is an enhanced option of Virtual Met Mast™. It combines Virtual Met Mast™ wind estimates with on-site mast observations to provide revised wind statistics at higher levels of confidence.

Benefits for wind farm developers and consultants

  • Fast and accurate site screening solution.
  • Increased certainty of long-term wind resource prior to installation of real met mast to support site selection.
  • Time and cash flow savings by delaying investment in real met masts.
  • Accurate wind assessments in areas where no reliable wind data is available.
  • Quicker decision making - receive wind resource estimates in days rather than months.
  • Lower due diligence costs to benefit smaller wind projects.

Features of Virtual Met Mast™

  • Available anywhere - onshore and offshore.
  • 25 year climatology including average annual wind speed with associated certainty values.
  • Finely modelled to maintain atmospheric integrity and site specific detail down to 100 m resolution.
  • Extreme wind speeds including maximum 3 second gusts and 10 minute average.
  • A wind frequency distribution analysis.
  • Hourly time series data.
  • Height specific - at hub height and other heights.
  • Generates key statistics - speed, direction, shear and turbulence.
  • High certainty outputs - have been verified against almost 160 years of site data from more than 80 sites in the UK and Europe.

 Verification data

Contact us for our latest verification report which shows the performance of Virtual Met Mast™ outputs.

Unbiased across all sites. 90% confidence factors (W90) are:

  • Offshore site - within 0.1 metres per second.
  • Lower complexity sites - within 0.4 metres per second.
  • Medium complexity sites - within 0.7 metres per second.
  • Higher complexity sites - within 1.0 metres per second.

Verifying the accuracy of Virtual Met Mast™ for small and medium wind industry using Aeolus Power (Wind-Energy) Ltd Verifying the accuracy of Virtual Met Mast™ for small and medium wind industry using Aeolus Power (Wind-Energy) Ltd (PDF, 1 MB)

Temporis Wind, a developer, funder and operator of single wind turbine projects, needed to provide accurate, reliable and fast site assessments to its customers. They commissioned us to complete VMM reports (initially just at site screening level) for over 200 potential sites. This enabled Temporis Wind to complete orders for wind turbines in 2012 from several manufacturers and saved Temporis Wind both critical time and money. Download the Temporis case study Temporis Wind case study (PDF, 147 kB)

Last updated: 15 August 2014

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