Wind Production Forecasts

Make accurate wind power predictions for your wind farms with the Wind Production Forecast and Wind Production Forecast Plus.

By understanding your weather sensitivities and site terrain, we can help you accurately forecast power outputs. 

What is the Wind Production Forecast?

It is a site-specific weather forecast which uses the Unified Model in combination with surface data and unique high-resolution downscaling to help you accurately forecast future power outputs from wind farm assets.

Forecasts can be sent up to four times a day, to a granularity of half-hourly intervals out to six days ahead. 

The Wind Production Forecast Plus utilises site observations to further improve the accuracy of results and also provides you with an hourly nowcast.

Tailored to your needs

To suit your requirements you define the hub height, timeframes and can select from a variety of different weather parameters. With the latest forecast information delivered when you need it this high level of accuracy and real time view means you can:

  • Make accurate short-term assessments of power production.
  • Better balance the supply of wind energy with other energy sources.
  • Accurately predict wind power to avoid buying energy from elsewhere.
  • Reduce the risk of penalty charges due to over or under estimation of energy production.

To obtain a clearer picture of the power versus generation mix, grid operators can also access total wind production from the meaningful wind farm population within its network.

Case Study: Met Office and LEM-software

We partnered with engineering consultancy LEM-Software, experts in supporting the needs of a deregulated energy market. This partnership, of forecasting and software expertise, is designed to deliver a comprehensive power forecasting package for a variety of energy stakeholder organisations, including national utilities, regional distribution network system operators and energy trading organisations.

The Met Office and LEM-Software's integrated solution delivers superior weather and power forecast accuracy for business risk-management and energy cost reduction. By applying state-of-the-art statistical models like artificial neural networks, which are optimised for use in the renewables sector, LEM-Software is able to bridge the gap between meteorological and production forecasts.

Download the  LEM-Software case study LEM-Software case study (PDF, 111 kB) .

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Last updated: 30 April 2014