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This is our quarterly newsletter for the wind energy industry, looking at seasonal wind conditions across Europe.

The success of the global wind energy industry is linked directly to the performance and profitability of individual wind projects, which vary significantly from location to location and through time. In Wind Review, we give the industry an ongoing, high-level picture of wind across regions and sites within Europe. In doing so we aim to help you put the performance of your portfolio into context and assess whether your farm's under or over performance is due to wind or other factors, all based on recent wind statistics.

Spring 2014 Wind Review Spring 2014 Wind Review (PDF, 1 MB)


Spring 2014 was characterised by fairly typical weather patterns across much of Europe, leading to most parts seeing average wind speeds for the time of year. However, there were a few trends:

  • High pressure tended to dominate across central parts of continental Europe, leading to largely settled conditions across these parts and hence lighter winds.
  • North-western parts of Europe also saw below average wind speeds resulting from two causes: an increased incidence of high pressure systems, which tended to last for a number of days, followed by the lack of any periods of particularly stormy weather, with the exception of a brief period in early March which was a continuation of the largely unsettled weather through the winter.
  • The British Isles and Iceland both experiencing a 4% drop in wind speeds against their long term average due to high pressure systems.
  • The strongest winds, compared to the long-term average, were seen around the periphery of Europe in places such as Scandinavia and Turkey. With high pressure centred across central Europe for much of spring, this allowed winds in peripheral Europe to increase.

Spring 2014 Wind Review Download the full Wind Review - Spring 2014 (PDF, 1 MB)

Wind Review Spring 2014

Last updated: 4 September 2014

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