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This is our quarterly newsletter for the wind energy industry, looking at seasonal wind conditions across Europe.

Autumn Wind Review 2014 front page

The success of the global wind energy industry is linked directly to the performance and profitability of individual wind projects, which vary significantly from location to location and through time. In Wind Review, we give the industry an ongoing, high-level picture of wind across regions and sites within Europe. In doing so we aim to help you put the performance of your portfolio into context and assess whether your farm's under or over performance is due to wind or other factors, all based on recent wind statistics.


Autumn 2014 was characterised by changing conditions across Europe throughout the three month period.

Much of September was typified by benign conditions resulting in the United Kingdom having its 4th warmest September ever. At the beginning of the quarter complex low pressure systems sent quick-moving frontal systems across Western Europe, whilst the rest of the month was dominated by weak high pressures. This was followed in October by strong winds from the North Atlantic that were blocked from most of Western Europe by high pressure near the Azores. Eastern Europe largely experienced lighter winds in November, with most of the rest of Europe experiencing means close to the average. 

  • September wind speeds were below average.
  • Strong winds in October across the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.
  • Unstable fronts and troughs during October around the Black Sea.
  • High pressure around the Azores and Iberia steered wind northwards.
  • Deep low pressure systems, frontal systems and troughs experienced in Northern and Western Europe during early November.
  • Eastern Europe experienced lighter winds in November caused by slack pressure gradients. 

Autumn Wind Review 2014 centre page Autumn Wind Review 2014 centre page

Last updated: 26 February 2015

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