Applied climate science

Providing the best advice to enable customers to understand and adapt to the likely implications of climate change on their activities.

Any business or individual who undertakes activities that are weather dependent is likely to be affected by future changes in climate. In Applied Climate science we work closely with our customers to provide insight into how climate change may be expected to affect their activities and to help them to plan their response to the implications for their business.

We have experience of delivering consultancy reports and advice across a range of sectors both in the UK and internationally, covering time scales from seasons to decades ahead. Our work draws on the world-leading Climate Science expertise in the Met Office Hadley Centre, interpreted by scientists with extensive experience of understanding the impacts on our customers, to ensure that we deliver the best possible advice.

Key aims:

  • To provide insight into the impacts that climate change may have on our customer's activities;
  • To enable customers to develop their capacity to understand, predict and respond to future climate change;
  • To provide the best possible advice to customers through drawing upon the world-leading Climate Science expertise in the Met Office Hadley Centre;
  • To provide advice on the limitations of the state-of-the-art Climate Science and enable understanding of the level of uncertainty in future projections.

Last updated: 5 April 2016

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