PRECIS: a regional climate modelling system


  1. grid_domain Introduction to PRECIS, its benefits, applications and the science behind the model.
  2. Group photo from a workshop Workshops are held worldwide to provide scientific and technical training necessary for using PRECIS.
  3. User support page To provide users with hints and tips on setting up and running PRECIS experiments.

PRECIS: a regional climate modelling system

PRECIS is a regional climate modelling system developed at the Met Office Hadley Centre with the intention of allowing users in developing countries to easily produce detailed climate projections for any chosen region of the world. PRECIS is designed to run a Linux PC so does not require extensive IT infrastructure.

PRECIS: a regional climate modelling system
This video provides an introduction to PRECIS and workshops where users learn to run and apply the model.


The latest version of PRECIS (PRECIS 2.0) was released in 2016. Updates include faster model executable and new driving GCMs (including the first of a series of CMIP5 global models, and three members of the 20th Century Reanalysis version 2c) and lots of other improvements. If you are a current PRECIS user and would like to receive PRECIS2.0 see PRECIS user support.

Last updated: 13 September 2016

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