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Combining data from Met Office forecast archives with world leading science to give renewable energy industry customers solutions to manage the impacts of weather and climate on their business.

The Renewables applications team uses Met Office Numerical Weather Prediction model data and observations to develop products and services for renewable energy customers. The team is responsible for a number of standard services such as Virtual Met Mast™ (VMM), developed especially for wind energy customers. Additionally, the team undertakes bespoke consultancy projects. This could be a report on the wind climate at various heights for a large bridge construction project, or at one height for the design of a new building, as well as assessments of the wind climate across a large area for design and construction of large offshore wind farms. For construction projects, assessments of extreme wind probabilities based on modelled data can be supplied.

Key Aims

  • Develop new products and services for the renewable energy sector.
  • Pull through scientific improvements in site-specific wind resource estimates to deliver high quality consultancy services to the wind energy sector.
  • Provide a regular supply of weather intelligence to the renewable energy industry, including publishing verification of our wind predictions against observations in "Setting the standards" briefs and full verification reports.
  • Ensure that the customer receives the best possible advice at affordable prices by drawing upon the Met Office base of knowledge and experience.

Current Projects

  • Providing advice to those assessing locations or regions (on and off shore) for their wind energy potential, using VMM and, where high quality co-sited observations are available, even more accurate assessments using Virtual Met Mast Plus™, including calculating extremes of wind and return periods using methods of extreme value analysis.
  • Providing periodic updates of the seasonal wind climatology across the UK and mainland Europe in the Latest Wind Review publication.
  • Providing 30 year climatology of hourly wind speeds, updated monthly, at specific sites and heights defined by the customer, for creating and settling low wind insurance contracts, using the Site Wind Index product.
  • Providing assessments of average and extreme wind conditions for power station and high voltage power line design.

Last updated: 11 October 2016

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