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Rural and environment

Rural scene

The Met Office Rural and Environment Team (MORET) brings together meteorological and environmental knowledge to deliver a range of bespoke products and services to customers within the environment and agricultural sectors.

MORET is based within the headquarters of ADAS, a partnered environmental consultancy. The team delivers products and services to ADAS and their customers - this successful partnership has existed for over 20 years.

Key areas of expertise

  • Dispersion modelling of emissions from intensive livestock production, waste treatment, food processing and many other facilities for planning and permitting purposes. We use specialist knowledge from both organisations, the ADMS dispersion model and 5 years of representative hourly meteorological data to predict local levels of ammonia, odour, and other air borne pollutants that may have an effect on people and the environment.
  • Low adhesion forecast to help reduce safety incidents on the UK railways. For over 15 years MORET has coupled the vegetation expertise of ADAS and the forecasting skill of the Met Office to provide accurate low adhesion forecasts provided at either the area, site specific or route spatial scale.
  • Agri-Environmental systems for predicting crop pests and diseases such as potato blight and cane midge or Irriguide to calculate irrigation requirements.
  • The team provide bespoke research and consultancy projects for government and other consultancies such as hindcasting crop spraying incidents, assessing the impact of climate change on Agricultural Land grading, and helping to define Areas of Natural Handicap.

Last updated: Jan 15, 2016 8:41 AM