About Dynamics Research

Dynamics Research is responsible for all aspects of the dynamical core of the UM, from the choice of the underpinning continuous equations, through their discretization to the development, maintenance and optimisation of the code (in collaboration with the Numerical Modelling group).

The dynamical core of the UM predicts that part of the evolution of the winds and thermodynamic properties of the atmosphere due to fluid dynamical processes which are resolved by the model's grid and time step. In contrast to the dynamics, the unresolved fluid dynamical processes (e.g. boundary layer turbulence) and the non-fluid dynamical processes (e.g. radiation) are collectively called the physics, and their representation is developed and maintained by the Atmospheric Processes and Parametrizations group.

A key aspect of the work of Dynamics Research is to ensure that, while being able to meet demanding operational schedules, the numerical scheme used for the dynamical core is stable for all resolved scales of motion and accurate for all scales of meteorological interest.

Last updated: 17 December 2013