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Climate Science for Service Partnership China

Beijing skyline

The Climate Science for Service Partnership China (CSSP China) is a scientific research programme that will help build the basis for services to support climate and weather resilient economic development and social welfare through strong strategic partnerships harnessing UK scientific expertise.

Open calls for research proposals

There are currently a number of open calls for research proposals around urban and climate services. UK researchers can learn more or submit applications via our opportunities page.

Through CSSP China (supported by the BEIS UK-China Research Innovation Partnership Fund) we are developing a strongly bilateral partnership between the Met Office, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) , the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other key institutes within China and the UK.


The partnership focuses on research and innovation, establishing a firm foundation of cutting-edge science to underpin the development of climate services. Through scientist exchange programmes, workshops, training courses, joint projects and shared PhD positions, CSSP China will maximise the value and impact of our shared capabilities and scientific expertise.

     View our infographic to read about the project highlights so far

The three primary outcomes of CSSP China will be:

  • A strong strategic partnership between UK and Chinese climate scientists; 
  • Accelerated and enhanced collaborative science R&D programmes;  
  • Climate services, developed in partnership, based on the climate science research & development programme.  

CSSP China will develop a detailed research programme, drawing on the strong scientific foundation of the UK's national climate capability and China's climate science research network. Our role in delivery of the UK's national climate capability is supported by and delivered through the DECC and Defra funded Met Office Hadley Centre Climate Programme .  

The focus of the science themes for CSSP China will be: 

  • Monitoring, attribution and reanalysis;
  • Global dynamics of climate variability and change;
  • East Asian climate variability and extremes;
  • Development of models and climate projection system;
  • Climate Services.

The Met Office is a delivery partner for the Newton Fund and will allocate funding for CSSP China projects through open competition. We will issue calls for proposals for CSSP China projects on this webpage, so please keep checking here if you are interested in the CSSP research themes.

For more information on CSSP China science see the science overview document  or the outcomes of the January 2015 workshop held with our year 1 academic partners . Also visit the pages outlining the five work packages.

For information about the new work streams on air quality and climate change and on the urban environment and climate change see these discussion notes from the CSSP China 3rd scientific meeting held in September 2016.

If you have any questions about CSSP China, email us at

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