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CSSP China research opportunities

Current calls for China (CSSP China) are now closed.

We anticipate holding calls for research proposals under new CSSP China work streams investigating air quality and climate and the urban environment and climate. We anticipate that any grants awarded will begin next financial year. More information will be available in due course on this web page, via the Met Office tenders portal and via twitter. For more information on CSSP China and the new work streams see the CSSP China web page

The following research grant opportunities were available under the Climate Science for Service Partnership.


Call one: Attribution of climate change over China

Call two: Contribution to ACRE China


Call: Global Dynamics of Climate Variability and Change


Call one: Global Dynamics of Climate Variability and Change

Call two: Western Pacific tropical cyclones

Call three: Convection-permitting simulations of East Asian climate


Call one:  Modelling physical and dynamical processes over the Tibetan Plateau and their regional effects over East Asia

Call two:  Informing the development of a new climate projection system

Call three:  Quantifying uncertainties in climate change projections for risk assessments


Call one: Sector Based Climate Services

WP5.3: Development of translational science for climate services

For more information on any of these calls please visit the Met Office Tenders Home Page.

Applying for research grant opportunities

In order to respond to the upcoming calls for research grant opportunities under CSSP China you will need to register on the Met Office Tenders system via the "Register Free" option, found on the right hand side of the Tenders page. You can find more information on how to use the Met Office Tenders system at the Met Office Tenders guidance page.

Last updated: Aug 4, 2016 9:38 AM