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CSSP China research opportunities

A call for grant applications for two research opportunities is NOW OPEN. You can apply on our e-tendering portal.

We are holding calls for two research proposals in February 2017 and are inviting UK researchers to apply.


Air Quality (AQ) can have impacts on human health, agriculture and ecosystems as well as affecting weather and climate. China is a region where high concentrations of pollutants are known to cause poor AQ, but uncertainty remains on the precise causes and implications of this.

1: Air Quality impacts on agriculture and ecosystems - CALL NOW OPEN

Submissions will be sought on research into air quality impacts on agriculture and ecosystem services including the potential for predictability on seasonal to multi-decadal timescales. Research is required that improves modelling of, and evaluation of, either or both the simulation of AQ or its impact on agriculture and ecosystems.

2: Air quality service development - CALL NOW OPEN

Submissions will be sought on a scoping study to understand the main priority areas for air quality service development for China. Work is required to understand how information may be derived from future prediction and projection systems, and to provide recommendations relating to planned science improvements concerning the causes of poor AQ and its impacts. This work should involve in-depth engagement with key stakeholders in China to understand specific needs.

We anticipate that any grants awarded will begin next financial year. For more information on CSSP China see the CSSP China webpage.

Applying for research grant opportunities

In order to respond to the upcoming calls for research grant opportunities under CSSP China you will need to register on the Met Office Tenders system via the "Register Free" option, found on the right hand side of the Tenders page. You can find more information on how to use the Met Office Tenders system at the Met Office Tenders guidance page.


The following research grant opportunities were previously available under the Climate Science for Service Partnership.

Work Package 1:

Call one: Attribution of climate change over China
Call two: Contribution to ACRE China

Work Package 2:

Call: Global Dynamics of Climate Variability and Change

Work Package 3

Call one: Global Dynamics of Climate Variability and Change
Call two: Western Pacific tropical cyclones
Call three: Convection-permitting simulations of East Asian climate

Work Package 4:

Call one:  Modelling physical and dynamical processes over the Tibetan Plateau and their regional effects over East Asia
Call two:  Informing the development of a new climate projection system
Call three:  Quantifying uncertainties in climate change projections for risk assessments


Call one: Sector Based Climate Services
WP5.3: Development of translational science for climate services

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