Unified Model collaboration

Facilitating effective collaboration to develop the Unified Model (UM) with scientists in the meteorological, climatological and university communities.

Collaboration with scientists at operational and academic centres around the World is central to the Met Office's strategy for developing the capability of the Met Office Unified Model. Scientific collaborations are possible through research and operational licence agreements. A comprehensive set of resources is available for licensed users and managed by the UM collaboration team, whose role is to facilitate effective and beneficial collaboration.

Key aims

  • To develop a joint programme of research and development with scientists in the university and meteorological communities, beneficial to both the collaborators and the Met Office.
  • To establish, monitor and review joint research and development activities which deliver a measurable net benefit to the NWP and climate prediction capabilities of the Unified Model suite.
  • To facilitate the transfer of technology so that collaborators have up-to-date modelling systems with robust support systems in place.

Using the Unified Model

Source code for the Unified Model can be obtained through different types of licensing agreement with the Met Office.

  • For non-commercial research, a licence can be obtained by submitting an abstract describing the proposed research.
  • For official duty use, such as the provision of weather and climate services to the public, an operational licence may be granted, depending on the role of the user, their ability to run the software effectively and add value to output available from the Met Office, and their intended use.

For more information on using the Unified Model code, licence agreements and possibilities to become a UM partner through collaborative research and development, please contact the UM collaboration manager via the customer centre. If you wish to undertake research using output from the Met Office's operational runs of the Unified Model, please contact the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC).

Current projects

To ensure that the Unified Model suite remains world-class, Unified Model partners contribute to a number of collaborative research and development projects:

Collaboration resources

  • Online support for collaborations is provided via the Collaboration Wiki (username and password required for access). This is available to all licensed users, providing news, support, operational and project information.
  • News about the UM and collaboration is available in UM Newsletter, an archive of previous editions of the UM Newsletter is available.
  • The FCM system is open-source software for managing and building source code. It is developed and used at the Met Office using open-source tools.
  • Rose is a framework for managing and running meteorological suites. It is open source and freely available for general use.

Last updated: 22 January 2014

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