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Tall Tower Angus

The 230 meter tall tower at Angus, near Dundee in Scotland.

The Tall Tower Angus site (TTA) has been operational since 2006 and measuring atmospheric trace gases for DECC since 2011 until being decommissioned in September 2012. The Tower at Angus is 230 m in height with a single inlet at 222 m. The site is located at 56.5551o N 2.9858o W and is approximately 400 m above sea level. It is situated in rural Scotland and is 6 miles north of Dundee.

The trace gas measurements were run by Professor John Moncrieff at the University of Edinburgh and Rab Howard is in charge of instrument maintenance and data collection.

The team at Angus tall tower (l-r) Rab Howard (site operator), Prof Simon O’Doherty, Dr Dickon Young, Dr Aoife Grant, Dr Alistair Manning and Prof. John Moncrieff.

Instruments used at Tall Tower Angus

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