Applied Climate scientists

  • Dr Joseph Daron

    Joe is a climate scientist with an interest in climate prediction and the use of climate information to guide adaptation decisions in developing countries.

  • Dr Natalie Garrett

    Natalie works as an applied scientist in the Climate Services team.

  • David Hein

    David is a software engineer in the Regional Predictions group and is the overall coordinator of the PRECIS regional climate modelling system.

  • Laura Burgin

    Laura is applied climate scientist who works with regional climate models to produce climate information for international development.

  • Dr Adrian Hines

    Adrian leads the team that provides consultancy and develops services that enable customers to understand the potential impacts of climate variability and change on their activities.

  • Kirsty Lewis

    Kirsty leads the research into climate change and security, and the delivery of advice on the impacts of climate change to government, particularly in relation to defence and security.

  • Felicity Liggins

    Felicity works with health and government customers, as well as commercial clients, providing bespoke interpretation of climate change science.

  • Richard Jones

    Richard is a Science Fellow and manages work on generating and applying regional climate information and modelling systems with a focus on international development.

  • Chris Kent

    Chris works in the Climate Security Team assessing the potential impacts of projected changes in the climate on human wellbeing (e.g. food and security).

  • Paul Maisey

    Paul leads the Insurance and Capital Markets Research and Development team.

  • Carol McSweeney

    Carol is a climate scientist working on assessing simulations of regional climate change and guiding their application in climate change impact studies.

  • Dr Edward Pope

    Edward's role involves conducting research into climate change and its impacts, to meet the needs of a wide range of commercial and government organisations.

  • Dr Katy Richardson

    Katy works in the Climate Security Team investigating the relationship between climate change and human security.

  • Dr Emilie Vanvyve

    Emilie is a Senior Scientist in the Surface Transport and Utilities team, working on addressing these sectors' needs related to the impacts of weather, climate and climate change.

  • Changgui Wang

    Changgui works on very high resolution regional climate modelling systems for research into climate change and constructing and applying regional climate scenarios.

Last updated: 4 April 2016

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