Applied Climate scientists

  • David Hein

    David is a software engineer in the Regional Predictions group and is the overall coordinator of the PRECIS regional climate modelling system.

  • Dr Adrian Hines

    Adrian leads the team that provides consultancy and develops services that enable customers to understand the potential impacts of climate variability and change on their activities.

  • Kirsty Lewis

    Kirsty leads the development and delivery of advice on the impacts of climate change to government, particularly in relation to defence and security.

  • Felicity Liggins

    Felicity works with health and government customers, as well as commercial clients, providing bespoke interpretation of climate change science.

  • Richard Jones

    Richard is a Science Fellow and manages work on generating and applying regional climate information and modelling systems with a focus on international development.

  • Carol McSweeney

    Carol is a climate scientist working on assessing simulations of regional climate change and guiding their application in climate change impact studies.

  • Changgui Wang

    Changgui works on very high resolution regional climate modelling systems for research into climate change and constructing and applying regional climate scenarios.

Last updated: 15 May 2014