Dr Steven Hardiman

Steven works on Stratospheric Processes.

Current activities

Steven is a stratospheric research scientist. His interests include stratospheric ozone and climate change during the 21st century, planetary and gravity wave drag and their influence on stratospheric climate and variability.

Steven's work includes involvement in international collaborations contributing to the 2010 WMO ozone assessment report, CCMVal and the IPCC 5th assessment report.

He carries out research into stratospheric processes governing the transport of ozone and other chemicals throughout the stratosphere, the processes governing ozone depletion and recovery, causes of variability in the stratosphere, and the influence of the stratosphere on surface climate. He also works on improving the representation of stratospheric climate and variability in a vertically extended version of the Unified Model as part of the INTEGRATE project.

Steven collaborates directly with atmospheric scientists at the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Reading, and  St. Andrews in the UK, and at the  University of Toronto in Canada.

Career background

Steven joined the Met Office in May 2008. Prior to this he completed a PhD in applied mathematics at the University of Cambridge, where he also received his undergraduate degree, and then took up a post-doctorate position in the physics department at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Last updated: 29 July 2014

About Steven Hardiman

Steven Hardiman

Steven works on Stratospheric Processes.

Areas of expertise:

  • stratospheric ozone and climate change;

  • stratospheric dynamics.

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