Climate, Cryosphere and Ocean scientists

  • Rosa Barciela

    Rosa leads the research and development of the operational marine ecosystems and sediment modelling systems

  • Daley Calvert

    Daley works on vertical mixing processes in the ocean, improving their representation and evaluating their performance within the latest climate model.

  • Mike Bell

    Mike leads the teams developing the Met Office's short-range surface wave and ocean forecasting capabilities.

  • David Ford

    David works on modelling the biogeochemistry of the open ocean, and the assimilation of biological and physical data.

  • Tim Graham

    Tim works on development and evaluation of the global ocean model

  • Helene Hewitt

    Helene manages the sea ice modelling area.

  • Richard Hill

    Richard works on technical aspects of coupled and ocean models.

  • Patrick Hyder

    Pat works on the development and evaluation of shelf seas and open ocean models

  • Laura Jackson

    Understanding the global ocean circulation, in particular the Meridional Overturning Circulation

  • Ann Keen

    Ann works on sea ice modelling, including model development and assessment of model predictions.

  • Matthew Menary

    Matt is interested in the overturning circulation in the Atlantic and its profound influence on the global climate

  • Matt Palmer

    Matt manages evaluation of the ocean component of the climate model.

  • Anne Pardaens

    Anne works on sea level rise with a particular interest in projected regional variations

  • Jamie Rae

    Jamie is a climate scientist working on ice sheets and sea-level.

  • Jeff Ridley

    Jeff is a climate scientist working on the understanding and modelling of ice sheets and mountain glaciers, and their likely contribution to future global sea-level rise.

  • Chris Roberts

    Chris is interested in ocean dynamics and the role of the oceans in climate change and variability.

  • Dave Storkey

    Dave works on the development and validation of the physical model in the FOAM ocean forecasting system.

  • Jonathan Tinker

    Jonathan predicts future changes in shelf seas terms of sea level rise, hydrography and circulation.

  • Ian Totterdell

    Ian uses models of ocean biology and chemistry both to understand the current Earth system and to examine possible future climate feedbacks

  • Alex West

    Alex works on sea ice with a focus on assessment of the sea ice model (CICE) used by the Met Office.

  • Richard Wood

    Richard leads the Climate, Cryosphere and Oceans group in the Met Office Hadley Centre.

Last updated: 15 May 2014