Dr Dan Bernie

Dan works on understanding dangerous climate change and providing advice to government on its implications.

Areas of expertise:

  • Climate change mitigation 
  • Dangerous climate change
  • Tropical climate variability
  • Climate model development
  • Science communication

Current Activities

Dan is a key part of the  AVOID programme, providing scientific advice to inform government mitigation policy. He is involved in or leads a number of research projects into dangerous climate change and its impacts on human and natural systems. He also works collaboratively on various EU, NERC and consultancy projects.

Examples of current research:

  • Understanding carbon cycle uncertainties
  • Improving climate impacts projections
  • Climate damages
  • Mitigation Pathways and Cost Estimates (AMPERE EU FP-7)
  • Ocean acidification

Career Background

Dan joined the Met Office Hadley Centre in February 2007 to work on tropical climate variability and climate model development. For most of 2009 he was seconded to the Department of Energy and Climate Change as a climate science adviser. Since then he has primarily worked on AVOID providing advice to government on mitigation and dangerous climate change.

Prior to his career at the Met Office Hadley Centre, Dan worked for the CNRS at  External link icon IPSL in Paris and as a visitor at the  IPRC in Hawaii. He has a Ph.D. in meteorology from the University of Reading and is a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society. Dan has also undertaken work as a climate change consultant for the energy sector and was part of the External link icon Vasco-Cirene observational campaign based in the Seychelles.

Last updated: 29 July 2014