Assimilation and Ensembles scientists

  • Susan Ballard

    Susan leads the Advanced Nowcasting Research Group group, responsible for research and development into convective-scale data assimilation and numerical weather prediction-based nowcasting for the Met Office, based at the Joint Centre for Mesoscale Meteorology at Reading University.

  • Dale Barker

    Dale leads Data Assimilation and Ensembles (DAE) section of Weather Science, which undertakes research and development in observations processing, data assimilation and ensemble forecasting.

  • Helen Buttery

    Helen is currently researching the use of the forecast sensitivity to observations (FSO) technique in the UK 1.5-km model (UKV).

  • Cristina Charlton-Perez

    Cristina works on high-resolution data assimilation with a specific focus on model cloud microphysics.

  • Neill Bowler

    Neill works as manager of the data assimilation methods group, which looks to improve weather forecasts by improving techniques for assimilating observations.

  • Brett Candy

    Brett's research is aimed at improving Met Office forecasts through better use of land surface data.

  • Dr Lee Hawkness-Smith

    Lee works on the assimilation of radar reflectivity.

  • Adam Clayton

    Adam works on coupled variational/ensemble data assimilation.

  • Graeme Kelly

    Graeme works on Variational Analysis with a particular interest in the use of satellite data.

  • Sana Mahmood

    Sana works on improving the analysis of middle atmosphere observations and the simulation of stratospheric dynamics by numerical models.

  • David Simonin

    David's current work focuses on the assimilation of doppler radar radial wind observations in high-resolution convective-scale NWP models.

  • Gareth Dow

    Gareth works with data assimilation development for the 4 km & 1.5 km hi-res UK models, aiming to improve forecasts of key weather elements such as rain, cloud, visibility, screen temperature and 10-metre wind

  • Dingmin Li

    Dingmin works on assimilating of various data, including satellite observations and novel observations, into NWP systems.

  • Jonathan Flowerdew

    Jonathan is a research scientist focusing on the interaction between ensembles and data assimilation for convective-scale weather forecasts.

  • Robert Tubbs

    Robert works on assimilating satellite radiance data and satellite-derived cloud information into convective-scale NWP models.

  • Bruce Ingleby

  • Gordon Inverarity

    Gordon leads a team developing data assimilation techniques to meet present and future customer requirements.

  • Peter Jermey

    Peter performs validation of the regional reanalysis.

  • Andrew Lorenc

    Andrew leads some innovative research in Data Assimilation and Ensembles and advises Met Office research projects across a wide area.

  • Bruce Macpherson

    Bruce leads the development of operational convective-scale data assimilation systems in Numerical Weather Prediction models in the Met Office.

  • Adam Maycock

    Adam manages the Office Observation Processing System (OPS) and co-ordinates its implementation within the operational NWP forecasting suite.

  • Stephen Oxley

    Stephen manages the Variational Data Assimilation (VAR) system and co-ordinates its implementation within the operational NWP forecasting suite.

  • Colin Parrett

    Colin is a scientist working on the monitoring of observations used within the Met Office's data assimilation system.

  • Tim Payne

    Tim is a research scientist working on mathematical methods in data assimilation.

  • Rick Rawlins

    Rick leads the development and implementation of data assimilation upgrades for the Met Office operational global model.

  • Richard Renshaw

    Richard leads work on atmospheric reanalysis and on data assimilation for the land surface.

  • Kelvyn Robertson

    Kelvyn updates the MOGREPS forecast suite to implement scientific and technical improvements.

  • Adrian Semple

    Adrian investigates causes of major poor forecasts with an emphasis on data assimilation.

  • Richard Swinbank

    Richard leads the ensemble forecasting research group.

  • Simon A Thompson

    Simon maintains and develops the Met Office medium-range ensemble suite.

  • Warren Tennant

    Warren manages the Global Data Assimilation and Ensembles Group with a research interest in understanding and estimating model forecast error.

  • Mike Thurlow

    Mike works in global data assimilation with a special interest in operational NWP suites.

  • Dr Susanna Hagelin

    Susanna works on the development of the UK ensemble forecasting model, MOGREPS-UK.

  • Larry Morgan

    Larry develops methods for exploiting conventional observations within the global NWP suite and monitors their use and assimilation.

  • Jemma Davie

    Jemma works on monitoring of surface observations for reanalysis.

Last updated: 15 May 2014