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Dr Chris Smith

Chris works in Dynamics Research.

Chris develops and tests computer code used for simulating large-scale atmospheric motion.

Current activities

Chris is currently helping with the development of a new dynamical core, called ENDGame, for the UM. His work involves testing and modifying the ENDGame code during its development.

Additionally, Chris works on problems with the current dynamical core of the UM, known as the New dynamics, when these occur.

Career background

Chris has worked at the Met Office since 1997. Before joining Dynamics Research in 2008, Chris worked on cloud microphysics modelling in APP. Between 2000 and 2002 he took a career break from the Met Office to work in the ALADIN consortium on the development of a non hydrostatic NWP model.

Chris has a bachelor's degree in theoretical physics from the University of York, and has a PhD in numerical analysis awarded by the University of Reading.

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