Earth System and Mitigation scientists

  • Dan Bernie

    Climate change mitigation advice, scenario feasibility, carbon budgets, uncertainty and risk.

  • Olivier Boucher

    Olivier leads the Climate, Chemistry and Ecosystems team.

  • Eleanor Burke

    Eleanor is a Climate extremes scientist and evaluates drought and projections of changes in drought in the future.

  • John Caesar

    John works on investigating changing climate extremes using models and observations

  • Mohit Dalvi

    Mohit is the code manager for the UK Chemistry and Aerosols component of the Unified Model.

  • Gerd Folberth

    Gerd works on air quality climate interactions in the HadGEM2 Earth System Model including ecosystem atmosphere chemical exchange processes.

  • Chris Jones

    Chris leads research into vegetation and carbon cycle modelling and their interactions with climate.

  • Steven Hardiman

    Steven works on Stratospheric Processes.

  • Jim Haywood

    Jim is engaged in measurement and modelling aerosols and their impacts on radiation, clouds, visibility and air-quality.

  • Ben Johnson

    Ben studies the impact of aerosols on atmospheric radiation and climate using observations and climate models.

  • Spencer Liddicoat

    Spencer works on the terrestrial carbon cycle with a particular interest in the mitigation of climate change.

  • Alistair Manning

    Alistair models the atmospheric dispersion of material using the Met Office's Lagrangian dispersion model NAME (Numerical Atmospheric-dispersion Modelling Environment).

  • Fiona O'Connor

    Fiona is a climate scientist working on atmospheric chemistry, with a particular interest in methane, chemistry-climate interactions, and climate system feedbacks.

  • Federica Pacifico

    Federica works on modelling biogenic isoprene emissions in order to investigate their feedbacks with atmospheric chemistry and climate.

  • Jane Mulcahy

    Jane works on the Operational Global Model Configuration of the Unified Model with a particular interest in evaluating the impact of atmospheric aerosol particles on model performance.

  • Steve Rumbold

    Steve simulates global sources, sinks and transport of anthropogenic aerosol and investigates the associated impact on air quality and climate.

  • Stephanie Woodward

    Stephanie works on mineral dust in climate models, including dust production, atmospheric lifecycle and dust-climate-ecosystem interactions.

  • Alistair Sellar

    Alistair leads the scientific development and evaluation of the UK Earth System Model

  • Tim Arnold

    Tim's research encompasses estimating fluxes of greenhouse and stratospheric ozone depleting gases using the Met Office's Lagrangian dispersion model NAME (Numerical Atmospheric-dispersion Modelling Environment)

  • Alan Hewitt

    Alan joined the ESMS team as a Scientific Software Engineer

Last updated: 15 May 2014