Global Modelling scientists

  • Caroline Bain

    Caroline works on the Climate and Operational Model over Africa

  • Malcolm Brooks

    Global Model Development Scientist

  • Andrew Bushell

    Andrew leads non-orographic gravity wave parametrization research and development in the Met Office, researches middle atmosphere and space weather.

  • Dan Copsey

    Dan works in developing and assessing the Met Office Hadley Centre's climate models.

  • Paul Earnshaw

    Paul works to develop the Global Atmosphere Model, with a particular interest in dynamics and model resolution.

  • Julian Heming

    Julian works on the prediction of tropical cyclones worldwide.

  • Edmund Henley

    Edmund Henley does space weather research.

  • Tim Hinton

    Tim is a scientist working on the climate model simulation of mid-latitude atmospheric blocking and the stratosphere.

  • Tim Johns

    Tim investigates global climate change, leading a modelling team that works on advancing understanding and simulation of coupled climate processes.

  • Mike Cullen

    Mike leads a Met Office data assimilation research group and also works on theoretical atmospheric dynamics and nonlinear partial differential equations.

  • Sean Milton

    Sean leads the Global Model Evaluation and Development section responsible for the Global Atmosphere configurations of the Unified Model across all time scales.

  • Sophie Murray

    Space Weather Research Scientist

  • Thomas Riddick

    Global Model Numerical Sensitivity Scientist

  • Claudio Sanchez

    Claudio explores the seamless nature of the Met Office Unified Model and the benefits of stochastic physics schemes for weather and climate models.

  • José Rodríguez

    José works on understanding and reducing systematic errors in coupled climate models, in particular the representation of the global hydrological cycle.

  • David Walters

    David manages research to develop Global Atmosphere configurations of the Unified Model to be used seamlessly across all timescales.

  • Keith Williams

    Keith leads research to understand and evaluate the cause of errors in the Unified Model.

  • Martin Willett

    Martin works on the evaluation and development of the parameterization of convection in the Global Atmosphere version of the Unified Model.

  • Prince Xavier

    Prince works on the seamless assessment of error growth in global models.

  • Mike Marsh

    Mike is a Space Weather Applied Scientist in space weather research and forecasting.

  • Livia Thorpe

    Global Coupled Model Scientist

Last updated: 30 November 2015

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