Emilie Carter

Emilie is a mesoscale modelling scientist at the Joint Centre for Mesoscale Meteorology (JCMM) with an interest in high-resolution models.

Areas of expertise

Emilie's areas of expertise include:

  • Convection in high resolution models
  • Improving parameterization in high resolution models
  • Use of the Unified Model and associated systems

Current activities

Emilie's work focuses on investigating and supporting research into model parameterizations and configurations. This entails the use of the Met Office Unified Model as a convective-scale forecasting tool.

Emilie is currently working on a research configuration of the Unified Model with 500 m gridlength over a limited area of the UK. The output of this model is analysed and compared with the lower resolution models, 1.5 km and 4 km. Recent cases where there has been a significant difference between the lower resolution models and the radar have been used to investigate if the higher resolution will improve forecasts. Parameterizations which are particularly relevant for high-resolution models, such as microphysics, sub-grid turbulence and vertical mixing, are being tested and developed.

Career background

Emilie has been a member of JCMM since joining the Met Office in October 2009. Before starting at the Met Office, Emilie completed an MSc in Computational Science and Modelling with a distinction at the University of Exeter. During her MSc Emilie focused on studying fluid dynamics and wrote her dissertation on dynamo theory. Emilie also received her undergraduate degree at the University of Exeter, achieving a first class BSc in Mathematics with honours.

Last updated: 9 April 2014