Ocean Forecasting Research scientists

  • John Siddorn

    John is Head of the Ocean Forecasting Research and Development (OFRD) group and co-chair of the National Centre for Ocean Forecasting (NCOF).

  • Alex Arnold

    Responsible for maintaining and developing relocatable ocean models.

  • François-Xavier Bocquet

    François-Xavier investigates the impact of ocean surface waves on the coupled ocean-atmosphere system. He is also involved in space weather research, studying the propagation of coronal mass ejections through the heliosphere.

  • Chris Bunney

    Chris develops WAVEWATCH and nearshore wave model configurations in support of Met Office operational marine forecast services.

  • Emma Fiedler

    Emma works on the OSTIA (Operational Sea Surface Temperature and Ice Analysis) and GMPE (GHRSST Multi-Product Ensemble) systems.

  • Rachel Furner

    Shelf sea model developer, adapting and testing the NEMO (Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean) shelf model for use as a coastal model.

  • Catherine Guiavarc'h

    Ocean modelling scientist, developing and validating NEMO-FOAM (Forecasting Ocean Assimilation Model) models.

  • Robert King

    Robert works on data assimilation in marine systems.

  • Daniel Lea

    Developing and maintaining the assimilation part of the FOAM (Forecasting Ocean Assimilation Model) operational deep ocean forecasting system.

  • Adam Leonard-Williams

    Adam is a specialist in providing oceanographic consultancy to the offshore and coastal engineering communities.

  • Huw Lewis

    Huw manages the work to promote, plan, accelerate and pull through to operation of environmental prediction capabilities.

  • Jian-Guo Li

    Jian-Guo Li works on ocean surface wave spectral models and is especially interested in transport schemes on unstructured multi-resolution grids.

  • Matt Martin

    Matt leads the research and development of marine data assimilation systems in the Met Office.

  • Niall McConnell

    Niall develops tools and methods for assessing the performance of ocean forecasts and assists users looking to exploit ocean forecasts.

  • Alison McLaren

    Alison leads the transitions of improvements into the operational ocean forecasting systems together with the maintenance and support of these systems.

  • Ray Mahdon

    Ray leads in the assessment of the impact of ocean models on acoustic modelling systems and provides support, address requests (mainly TDAs, Tactical Decision Aids suite) and answer scientific requests from Defence customers.

  • Isabelle Mirouze

    Isabelle works on data assimilation for ocean models and coupled atmosphere-ocean models.

  • David Pearson

    David works on coupling models of the atmosphere and the ocean.

  • Jonah Roberts-Jones

    Jonah works on monitoring and developing the OSTIA analysis and the GMPE system.

  • Andrew Ryan

    Andrew works on the assessment of ocean forecast accuracy and the transition of model improvements into the operational ocean forecast systems.

  • Andy Saulter

    Andy manages wave modelling and oceanographic consultancy teams that deliver short range forecast and planning services for the marine sector.

  • Peter Sykes

    Peter leads the shelf seas sediment modelling capability and works on the assessment and transition of operational ocean forecast systems.

  • Jennie Waters

    Jennie works on data assimilation into ocean models.

  • James While

    James works on data assimilation in marine systems; of particular interest is data assimilation in shelf sea models and assimilation of diurnal sea surface temperature.

  • Kirsten Wilmer-Becker

    Kirsten coordinates the GODAE OceanView Program Office and leads the MyOcean Service Desk support group.

  • Dr Chris Harris

    Chris leads research into using integrated coupled model systems to improve real-time forecasts globally and for the UK.

Last updated: 26 March 2015