Dr Alistair Sellar

Alistair leads the assessment of ocean forecast accuracy and the transition of model improvements into the operational ocean forecast systems.

Current activities

Alistair manages the ocean assessment and transitions team in Ocean Forecasting Research.

The team is responsible for:

  • assessing the accuracy of the Met Office's ocean forecasts;

  • develop assessment methods and metrics for ocean forecasts;

  • performing trials of model changes and assessing impact on product accuracy;

  • preparing changes to the operational ocean forecast systems.

Alistair is currently focusing on planning trials for improvements to the FOAM deep-ocean forecast system. In addition, the coastal seas forecast system is transitioning to use the NEMO ocean model, and Alistair is planning the operational trial of the new system, including assessments of accuracy.

Alistair is also involved with new projects to develop our assessment methods for surface currents and for the daily cycle of sea surface temperature.

Career background

Alistair became manager of the ocean assessment and transitions group in 2010. Alistair originally joined the Ocean Forecasting Research area in 2003 and has been involved with:

  • ocean model development;

  • relocatable model deployment;

  • model evaluation, focusing on sea-ice and surface fluxes;

  • incorporating the NEMO ocean model into our ocean forecast systems.

During 2008 and 2009, Alistair worked on climate model development and evaluation, focusing on the following aspects of atmospheric modelling:

  • Indian monsoon..

  • Interactions between moist convection and large-scale circulation.

  • Development of model assessment software.

Before joining the Met Office, Alistair completed an MSc in Applied Mathematics at St Andrews University, followed by a PhD in fluid dynamics at the Department of Mathematics in the University of Bristol.

Last updated: 5 December 2014

About Alistair Sellar

Alistair Sellar

Alistair leads the assessment of forecast accuracy of the operational ocean forecast systems.

Areas of expertise:

  • Ocean, sea-ice and atmosphere modelling.

  • Forecast and climate model evaluation.

  • Scientific software development.

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