Jonah Roberts-Jones

Monitoring and developing the OSTIA (Operational Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice analysis), OSTIA analysis product and the GMPE (GHRSST Multi-Product ensemble) system.

Current activities

Jonah is responsible for the maintenance and development of the OSTIA SST and sea-ice product. Daily monitoring and validation of the satellite observations assimilated by the analysis and the output analysis fields is carried out. The OSTIA full product suite is freely available to external customers through the MyOcean project.

The current focus of Jonah's work has been on the production of the OSTIA re-analysis product. This high resolution SST and sea-ice re-analysis product is intended for use in the seasonal and decadal forecasting community. The OSTIA re-analysis will be used as a baseline against which future developments to operational OSTIA system can be tested. This will include work to improve the feature resolution of the SST analysis.

Career background

Jonah has been a member of the Marine Data Assimilation team since 2009, before this Jonah worked on a 48-week placement in the Met Office Hadley Centre in the Climate, Cryosphere and Oceans team on projects including using the pattern scaling technique to add spatial information to climate predictions from a simple climate model.

Before starting work at the Met Office Jonah completed an MSc in Meteorology at the University of Reading and a BSc in Mathematics at the University of Leeds.

Last updated: 29 April 2013

About Jonah Roberts-Jones

Jonah Roberts-Jones

Jonah works on developing the Operational Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice analysis product.

Areas of expertise:

  • The operational OSTIA analysis system.

  • The GMPE system.

  • Reanalysis of SST and sea ice data.

  • Processing of satellite SST data.

  • Data assimilation.