Dr Martin Price

Martin works on ocean model data products and service engineering and development.

Current activities

Most of Martin's current work is on the EU Framework 7 project MyOcean, a large European project to develop operational oceanography as part of the European infrastructure under the GMES initiative.

Specific areas of work are:

  • MyOcean product delivery, which focuses on internet delivery of forecasting ocean model data products using internet services including FTP, OpenDAP, and Web Map Service.

  • The MyOcean Service Desk Web Portal, which aims to provide all the information and functions prospective and actual users need to understand, access and use MyOcean products and services.

  • Developing product and interface specifications for the connections between the MyOcean sub-systems and for delivery of products and services to users.

Career background

Martin took up his current post Met Office in November 2006, from a background in observational oceanography. His previous post was as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of East Anglia, working on the National Environment Research Council's "Autosub Under Ice" programme. He holds a PhD in Oceanography and BSc (hons) degree in Meteorology and Oceanography from the University of East Anglia.

Last updated: 6 May 2010

About Martin Price

Martin Price

Martin works on Ocean model data products.

Areas of expertise:

  • Web services for delivery of forecast data products.

  • Scientific software engineering (Java, Fortran, Matlab).

  • Cloud computing for geophysical data product delivery.

  • Standards and interoperability requirements for metocean data services.