Monthly to Decadal Prediction scientists

  • Adam Scaife

    Adam leads monthly to decadal prediction research while carrying out personal research on climate variability. He recently led the development of the Hadley Centre high resolution climate model HadGEM3-H.

  • Alberto Arribas

    Alberto works on improving our understanding of the relevant processes and dynamical forecasting capabilities at seasonal timescales.

  • Joanne Camp

    Joanne develops seasonal predictions of tropical storm activity in the North Atlantic.

  • Ruth Comer

    Ruth works on the development of new seasonal forecast products.

  • Mike Davey

    Mike carries out research on ocean and atmosphere variability and predictability.

  • Nick Dunstone

    Nick is a climate scientist working on inter-annual to decadal climate prediction.

  • Rosemary Eade

    Rosemary works on monthly to decadal climate prediction with a particular emphasis on climate extremes and tropical storms.

  • David Fereday

    David works on developing and improving the seasonal forecast model.

  • Chris Folland

    Chris works part time on seasonal forecasting, seasonal to multidecadal climate variability, and as an advisor to the Met Office Hadley Centre.

  • Richard Graham

    Richard works in the applied side of long-range forecasting, distilling complex information from climate models into 'user-friendly' advice for planning.

  • Leon Hermanson

    Leon works on understanding predictability from seasonal to decadal time scales.

  • Sarah Ineson

    Sarah is a climate scientist working on El Niño Southern Oscillation.

  • Jeff Knight

    Jeff works on developing understanding and modelling of the key physical mechanisms in monthly to decadal prediction.

  • Craig MacLachlan

    Craig works on the development and implementation of the seasonal forecast system.

  • Anna Maidens

    Anna works on analysing and calibrating the output from the dynamical forecasting model for seasonal timescales.

  • Drew Peterson

    Drew works on improving the initial conditions used in the seasonal forecast system.

  • Niall Robinson

    Niall assesses the physical processes that influence the Met Office decadal predictions of extreme weather events.

  • Michael Saunby

    Michael develops software for post processing and exchange of monthly to decadal forecasts.

  • Doug Smith

    Doug leads the decadal climate prediction research and development at the Met Office Hadley Centre.

  • Simon Stanley

    Simon works on long-range forecasting applications development.

  • Michael Vellinga

    Michael works on making monthly-to-decadal forecasts over Africa better geared towards users, and on irreversible change in the meridional overturning circulation.

  • Emily Wallace

    Emily works as a research scientist on the development of seasonal forecast products, as well as in the role of a scientific consultant for the renewable energy industry.

Last updated: 15 May 2014