Ann Shelly

Ann tests global model configurations for the MOGREPS system, evaluates MJO performance and implements diagnostics for model evaluation.

Current activities

Ann develops, maintains and evaluates the global MOGREPS configuration of the Unified Model which is optimised for 1-15 day timescales. Ann's work contributes to the THORPEX international research and development programme.  A number of physical processes become important in longer range predictions such as the role of the ocean, soil moisture and low frequency modes of variability such as the MJO and stratospheric sudden warmings. Her work provides a key link between short timescales and seasonal forecasting and facilitates a seamless diagnosis of systematic errors from days to decades.

She is particularly interested in implementing diagnostics to assess MJO performance and identifying deficiencies in its simulation. Ann is a member of a CLIVAR working group aimed at improving prediction of the MJO. More recently she has become involved in coupling MOGREPS to NEMO and CICE, in order to assess benefit to be gained from an interactive ocean.

Career background

Ann has been a member of the Global Model Development and Diagnostics team (GMDD) since 2008. As an undergraduate, Ann undertook a Meteorology and Oceanography degree at the University of East Anglia and subsequently an MSc in Remote sensing at the University of Edinburgh. In another life, she completed a Geography and English degree at University College Cork.

Last updated: 29 July 2014

About Ann Shelly

Ann Shelly

Ann develops medium-range weather forecasting models.

Areas of expertise

  • Medium range forecast model development.
  • The Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO).
  • Stratosphere-Troposphere interactions.
  • Coupled modelling

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