Dr Clare Lee

Clare manages the facilities group within Observation Based Research, which maintains and develops Met Office atmospheric research instrumentation on the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements BAe146 aircraft.

Areas of expertise:

  • Aircraft Instrumentation

  • Cirrus measurements

  • Submillimeter remote sensing

  • Airborne field campaigns

Publications by Clare

Current activities

Clare manages the Facilities group which is part of Observation Based Research and is based at Exeter. The Facilities group maintains and develops the Met office instrumentation on the FAAM BAe146-301 aircraft. Current instrumentation is maintained to provide high quality data to users within the Met Office as well as external collaborators. These include in-situ measurements from probes and aircraft inlets, and remote sensing observations from both passive and active instrumentation.

In addition the group are developing a number of new instruments to improve the scientific output from the aircraft. Novel instruments include: a submillimeter radiometer for cirrus, mixed phase cloud, precipitation and snow emissivity measurements; and an ice nucleus counter to improve our knowledge of cloud processes. The group are also endeavouring to upgrade instruments as new technologies or techniques become available to provide better performance and quality of airborne measurements.

Clare uses her relations with the atmospheric community as well as in Observation Based Research to ensure that the Met Office instrumentation development and maintenance is in line with the Met Office research plan. She also monitors the budget of the group.

Career background

Clare joined the Met Office in 2003 after working as a research fellow at Cardiff University on airborne atmospheric submillimeter instrumentation.

She started work in the Met Office in the radiation group of Observation Based Research working on cirrus observations. She utilised data from a wide range of instruments on the BAe146 aircraft, as well as satellite observations and ground based measurements. She was also involved in a number of airborne field campaigns such as EAQUATE and CAESAR.

In 2007 Clare became manager of the facilities group.

Last updated: 8 April 2014